Bike Insurance in the Netherlands

Bike Insurance in the Netherlands

Since many people are working more towards improving society and the planet Earth, many people from the Netherlands tend to opt for e-Bikes instead of fuel-powered vehicles. However, since these e-Bikes are costly, it is highly critical to get insurance for your e-Bike so that you and your bike are protected against any type of unfortunate events. Since bikes are vulnerable to accidents and thefts, the joy of riding your efficient vehicle may vanish immediately when you see that your ride has been stolen. Or worse, there is a road accident, and it is severely damaged. With all these issues, getting Bike insurance in the Netherlands is the best option.

Bike insurance companies

Why do you need bicycle insurance?

Bikes tend to costs a lot if they are damaged or stolen. However, when you have insured your bike, the insurance company will cover its associated costs.

Whether you are a casual cyclist with two wheels or a cyclist enthusiast with a customized bicycle in which you have invested a lot of money, the best bike insurance in the Netherlands will allow you to effectively meet your requirement.

What coverages are available when getting bicycle insurance?

Although bicycle insurance is not mandatory in the Netherlands, regardless, it is better and recommended to insure your bike. When purchasing a new bike, the costs can go up to several hundred euros. The insurance policy will provide you a safe seeing and peace of mind after purchasing the bike. A small accident is a small risk. Theft of the bike is also a major risk.

Most insurance policies will allow bike owners to choose between different types of coverage. The most common policy is:

  • Theft
  • Theft and damage
  • Theft and damage+

There are many platforms available on the internet from which you can compare the options with other policies and select the most efficient insurance policy for you.

Theft Insurance

The Bike theft insurance in the Netherlands will only protect you against the theft of the bicycle. You will get the payment after your bike has been stolen. If your bike is stolen within 36 months, you will generally get the purchasing value of your bike. After 36 months, you will get the depreciated value.

Theft + Damage

With this type of insurance policy, other than the benefits for the theft insurance, you will also get the benefit if your vehicle is damaged in an accident in which you were involved.

Theft + Damage Plus Insurance

With this insurance, you will get the benefits of both policies mentioned above, with the added advantage as you will get paid for the damage caused to your bike. This insurance policy is also extended to include recourse assistance and accident cover.

When getting an insurance policy, it is essential to consider your needs and wants. Once you know what you want, you can choose the most efficient coverage. With this, you will not have to pay too much while getting unnecessary coverage.

Things to consider preventing claim rejection

If you have purchased Bike insurance in the Netherlands, remember the exclusions to prevent claim rejection. The following are the common exclusions:

  • If your bike is used for monetary gains, such as a cycling courier.
  • Any loss where you cannot prove the ownership of the bike. Make sure to keep the receipt.
  • Any damages to the accessories, such as mudguards and tires, unless the bicycle is damaged simultaneously.
  • Theft of the bicycle when it is not secured properly.

Here’s How You Can Protect Your Bicycle

Get Best-Quality Bike Lock

You will get what you pay for when it comes to locks. In other words, purchasing a cheap and weak lock will leave your bike more open to theft. In most cases, the more costly the lock, the better protection you will get at protecting your bicycle from theft. It is recommended to purchase the D-locks that are very secure.

Carefully Lock Your Bike And Wheels

Ensure to attach your bicycle to something which cannot be lifted or moved since your bike is only secured as the thing you will attach it to. For instance, the mesh fence needs a pair of wire cutters. Make sure to lock the wheels as well together with the frame. Ensure that the D-lock is secured and close to your bike.

Keep Your Bicycle in Safest Location

You should not leave your bike in an isolated area. Rather, lock it in a well-lit area where people pass frequently. If possible, you should find a place with CCTV near the location.

Purchase Two Locks

Two locks of different types are the best option to deter theft since it will be challenging to pry through both locks. There are fewer chances that a thief will have the appropriate tools for breaking the D-locks and a chain lock. Hence, having both will be the best option to protect your ride.


Getting bike insurance in the Netherlands will be the best for you since you never know when people may have ill intention and steal or damage your bike. You should compare the policies of different providers and get the most effective and best policy for the bicycle.