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Mobile operators in the Netherlands

When moving to a new country, finding the right mobile operator is a daunting task. If you have moved to the Netherlands and you are looking for mobile operators the Netherlands, you will come across plenty of options. The country is counted among the best-connected places in the world. Almost the entire country has 4G & 5G coverage, but being an expat, selecting the best mobile providers the Netherlands can be quite challenging for you.

One should always select the best phone contract Netherlands after viewing data volume, internet speed, free calling minutes, SMS, data plans, etc. We have listed below the criteria by which we have listed a top 5 of the best mobile operators in the Netherlands.

Internet service provider
      English speaking customer service
      Best Data volume/ price
      4G & 5G Connection
      Flexible contracts
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Free SIM card
      Reliable network


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best mobile operator
youphone operator


One of the best mobile operators in the Netherlands – Offers flexible contracts (monthly terminable) – competitive pricing and excellent 4G & 5G connection/ price comparison. Simple and great!

      Flexible contracts (Monthly terminable)
      Standard 4G & 5G internet (max. 256 Mbps)
      Reliable network
      English speaking customer service
      Winner Dutch best service award
      14 days return policy
      Free number porting
Odido operator


Odido: Two of the Netherlands’ largest telecom providers, recently merged, now offer excellent deals. With over 6 million customers nationwide, they provide a 14-day return policy and no connection costs

      Free number porting
      Option can be canceled monthly
      Great data volume/ price
      English speaking customer service
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      14 days return policy
simyo operator


Most customer friendly service in 2019 voted by Dutch customers – Monthly terminable SIM only deals – convenient App – uses the reliable KPN network

      Flexible contracts (Adjust monthly)
      Reliable KPN network
      Great data volume/ price
      English speaking customer service
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Convenient App
      Standard 4G internet (max. 256 Mbps)

Lebara operator


New player disrupting the telecom market – English website – Free number porting – Flexible contracts – Fast delivery (1 working day)

      English website
      Option can be canceled monthly
      Great Data volume/ price
      English speaking customer service
      Fast delivery (1 working day)
      Flexible contracts (monthly adjustable)
KNP operator


Owns large reliable network – 4G network and 5G ready everywhere – Monthly terminable SIM Only – Free SIM card – 25 euro connection costs

      4-G and 5-G ready everywhere
      Option can be canceled monthly
      Clear Contracts
      English speaking customer service
      Free SIM card
      ✘  25 euro connection costs

Different mobile options

After reaching the Netherlands, the first and most important thing that you have to do is set your mobile phone plan. But you must be wondering where you should start. You might not want to get stuck in long term contracts, especially if you are uncertain about your stay period in the Netherlands. Let’s find out different subscriptions from which you can choose your selected plan.

Dutch mobile operators provide the following possibilities in the Netherlands:

  • Subscription with calling/data plan – If you are sure about staying long term in the Netherlands, then a subscription with both calling and data plan is the best service for you. Dutch mobile operators generally offer yearly contracts. However, some of the mobile networks the Netherlands give you the option to decide monthly on your continuation or withdrawal of the contract.
  • Prepaid plan – This is beneficial for expats, especially when you are unsure of your stay period in the country. Prepaid SIM card, does not bound you to the yearly or monthly contracts. With a prepaid plan, once you consume your data plan, you can’t use it until the next top-up. It also saves you from the botheration of paying higher bills that add up when you exceed your data in postpaid plans.
  • SIM-only subscription – It is an excellent option, where you don’t get tied into long-term contracts. You can renew your SIM card monthly contract easily and can even cancel it when not required. With the best SIM-only deals in the Netherlands, you get plenty of choices, even if you do not need much data or calling.

If you compare mobile plans, a prepaid plan from the best mobile provider Netherlands saves you from extra costs. But, for regular Netflix AND 4G users, then SIM-only subscription is the best of all.

How much data will you need on a SIM-only deal

It depends on your usage and how often you use data. Generally, the average user will need at least 1GB of data per month if they use the internet regularly. Some SIM-only deals offer up to 10GB per month, which is more than enough for most people. If you use a lot of data, you can opt for an unlimited data plan that will give you as much data as you need. One good option for Sim only can you also find on the Vodafone website.

Why opt for a sim only in the Netherlands?

Whether you are just traveling to Holland or newly moved in for your work, it is essential to stay up to date with technology in general and phone in particular. And sim only is the perfect way to do just that.

With a SIM-only plan, you sign a monthly agreement and pay a set amount for calls, messages, and data each month. When signing up for a plan, SIM-only users are given a free SIM card, which they may immediately insert into their phone to begin using.

Getting a Dutch cellphone number is smart whether you want to relocate to Holland or work there regularly. It would not only lead to significant savings but also make it simpler for you to open things like bank accounts and other accounts. It is a need that offers a wealth of advantages.

What to take into consideration when choosing a SIM-only plan

Are you thinking about signing up for the SIM-only plan? SIM-only packages save you money by allowing you to call, text, and use data with lower monthly costs. As the competition is exceptionally high between different service providers, get a competitive deal by considering these factors:

  • Select the tariff-plan that covers your usage. Otherwise you will end up paying extra for your additional usage of extra minutes and messages.
  • As the SIM-only plan provides you only the SIM card and not the mobile phone, ensure your mobile phone is not locked for another network.
  • Different phones use SIM cards in different sizes. From standard, Micro and Nano SIM card, get the one that fits your mobile phone.
  • SIM-only plans come with monthly, yearly, and even subscriptions for two months. Select the one you desire.

FAQ about internet providers in the Netherlands

There are more than 20 mobile operators in the Netherlands. The most important ones from them are:

  • Youfone – This mobile operator offers you a reliable KPN network with the superfast 4G internet. It provides you the smartest deals for SIM-only plans. You can get 5GB data with unlimited calls at €11.00. The SIM-only also gives you 2 months free subscription now. Youfone also offers you a free number porting facility. You can also check your usage and quickly activate discount bundles from the MyYoufone app.
  • Simyo – This is the other best mobile operator in the Netherlands and it offers you SIM-only and prepaid services. You can enjoy the reliable KPN network and can also easily arrange everything (see your consumption, adjust bundles, purchase data, or minutes) from MySimyo application. 4G internet starts at an affordable price of €4.00 for 1GB and calling/texting at €6.00 for 100min/SMS. The cancellation of the subscription can also be done monthly.
  • Tele2 –This mobile operator provides you the SIM-only subscription with national 4G coverage. You also get the option to cancel your subscription monthly. Tele2 offers you unlimited internet and calling and free up and downgrade every month with a connection cost of €20.00.

Youfone is the best mobile provider in the Netherlands that offers you a premium KPN network and smartest deals for your SIM-only plans. You can enjoy 5GB data with unlimited min/SMS at €11.00. If you want more data and fewer calling minutes, then 10GB data with 50 min/SMS at €12.00 is ideal for you. For €14.00 you will get 7GB data with unlimited min/SMS, which is the best for users who require more data as well as unlimited calling.

Youfone also offers you a 2 months free SIM-only subscription.
This best mobile service provider, which is active for more than 10 years, also provides a free number porting facility. MyYoufone App allows you to get a better insight into your usage and gives you the facility to easily activate discount bundles yourself from the app.

The Mobile Virtual Network Operator is a wireless communication service provider that does not own the network. It instead operates virtually over the wireless network infrastructure and also provides service to its customers. The Mobile Virtual Network Operator or MVNO usually offers services to the customers within its brand only.

With numerous mobile phone network providers, you get a multitude of good reasons for switching your mobile provider. Switching mobile network is much easier than you think. It is also not necessary to cancel your existing service while changing the service provider.

Whenever you feel like changing your service provider, find your required plan and order a new SIM. If you like to port your existing number, mention it in your sign-up form. You can easily port your number by getting a PAC code. After receiving the PAC code, your only task is to provide that code to your new service provider, and this begins the process of changing your mobile service provider.

Your previous connection remains active, till the time the whole transfer process of mobile operator completes.

When finding the most affordable and best prepaid mobile operators in the Netherlands, you need to consider various things. To get the best for you, some of the deciding factors are: speed, cost, and coverage. Depending upon the personal requirements, that are many things that a user should consider while buying the best plan.

Youfone, Simyo, and Tele2 are some of the leading mobile service providers in the Netherlands. They offer you the most suitable plans as per your requirements and that too at the best prices.

Before going for a particular plan or service provider, comparing plans and prices of multiple service providers helps you pick the best. Do a little research and consult your colleagues and friends to get the best service for staying in touch with your near and dear ones.

To lower your mobile phone bill, you can follow the steps below:

  • Decide on your daily usage and speed
  • Use a comparison site to get the best deals.
  • Decide on the best package that fits that usage
  • Combine your package for cheaper deals.
  • Check for the contract to avoid penalties.

If you are someone who is about to move to the Netherlands sometime soon, then one thing is for sure, your mobile will find instant connectivity upon landing. Only those visitors who come from Japan, some part of the US, or use CDMA phones will find some difficulty to connect to the country’s network.

As most of the phones connect upon arrival, it is generally seen that people traveling to the country find no issues in connecting their mobiles. If you cannot connect to the Dutch network by any chance, then no need to worry. You can immediately purchase a prepaid phone worth 30 euro.

There is an alternative to this also. You can pick up your world phone or keep a second-hand smartphone to help you stay connected. There are many sites like where you will be able to pick up a smartphone for usage.

Roaming charges in Europe were abolished in 2017, which means for people arriving in the Netherlands for long-term and short-term stays can enjoy the same rates. Again if you are moving to a new country for a long-term stay, it is better to purchase a local Dutch Sim card or a new phone.

There is a range of operators also to choose from in the Netherlands, out of which some are mentioned on this page.

Although sometimes it is seen that the smaller mobile networks have the best of network connectivity, there are certain disadvantages to them. They are less data as compared to others. The data rate varies largely on wireless standards such as GSM and LTE. Also, smaller networks have macro cells that are affected by the multipath signal loss.