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Prepaid SIM card in the Netherlands

Relocating to the Netherlands? Whether you are moving to this attractive country to pursue your studies or for employment, it has a lot to give its visitors and residents for a stable life. The country provides you a high-quality life, excellent health services, higher employment rates, and public safety. But the first and essential thing that you need to do after reaching here is buying a prepaid SIM card.

It doesn’t matter how well the country provides services unless you have a prepaid SIM card in the Netherlands. Getting connected in the absence of a SIM card is very difficult here. Moreover, searching for the best prepaid SIM card operators in the Netherlands, from the various operators, is also tricky. Some offer best-calling plans, while others provide ideal plans for data. We have listed below the criteria by which we have listed a top 4 of the best prepaid sim card providers in the Netherlands.

prepaid simcard netherlands
      English speaking customer service
      Best Data volume/ price
      4-G Connection
      Fast delivery
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Free SIM card
      Reliable network


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best prepaid SIM card provider
Lebara operator


New player disrupting the telecom market – English website – Free number porting – High-speed internet – Simple and effective!

      High-speed internet
      Affordable data
      Low-cost international calls
      Convenient App
      ✘  No free calling credit
simyo operator


Most customer friendly service in 2019 voted by Dutch customers – Great Prepaid deals – convenient App – uses the reliable KPN network

      High-speed internet
      Convenient App
      Reliable network from KPN
      17x the best according to De Consumentenbond
      ✘  No free calling credit
KNP operator


Owns large reliable network – 4G network and 5G ready everywhere – Free SIM card – for 10 euro unlimited Internet

      Owner of Reliable network
      € 10 free calling credit
      Unlimited internet for 10 euro (128 Kbit)
      English speaking customer service
      ✘  No number portability

Tele2 operator


Large telecom provider in the Netherlands – € 10 free calling credit – Number portability – Reliable Network

      Reliable network
      € 20 free calling credit
      Number portability
      Top-up credit sold most supermarkets
      ✘  No app available


If you don’t speak Dutch yet..

Finding a Dutch website that has an English version can be quite difficult. You can translate a Dutch page in your browser (only works with Google Chrome on desktop) by right clicking on the page – you will see a dropdown and click “Translate this page to English”. This will make it easier for you to make the right decision.

When moving to a new country and looking for a SIM card, one essential thing is looking for a 4G network in your area. But finding 4G in the Netherlands won’t be a problem, since this network is offered all around this country.

Advantages of Prepaid SIM Cards

  • The best SIM card the Netherlands gives you the freedom to switch to any plan at any time.
  • You won’t find yourself locked in a multi-year contract with a Dutch SIM card.
  • No need to pay monthly bills when you have Dutch prepaid sim card.

Why opt for a prepaid sim card in the Netherlands?

There are many types of sim cards available in the Netherlands. However, prepaid is the best option for you for many reasons. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Getting a prepaid sim card is hassle-free and convenient compared to a postpaid one since you have to provide many documents to get the latter one.
  • You can reload your credits online with a prepaid sim card. In addition, you can add or reduce call minutes, text messages, and mobile data according to your convenience.
  • It is easy to cut off a prepaid sim in the Netherlands anytime.
  • Prepaid cards save users from high roaming charges.
  • It is a good value for money option for all mobile phone users.
  • Prepaid sim cards are not binding contracts and are flexible and easy to use.

Therefore, if you are from the Netherlands, use a prepaid sim card to save money and hassle.

4 and 5-G coverage

While moving to a new country and looking for the SIM card, the essential factor that one usually looks at is the 4 or 5-G network in the area. But in Netherland, finding a 4 or 5-G signal won’t be a problem. When you search for a 4 or 5-G network on the coverage cap, you will come across a vast area that is covered under it. The coverage map would be mostly green with a rare sight that is left uncovered.

Doesn’t matter how off the path you go, chances are high of getting a 4 or 5-G signal there too.

FAQ about internet providers in the Netherlands

There are more than 9 prepaid SIM card providers in the Netherlands. We have listed here some of the best ones.

  • Lebara – Whether you need to call, text, or use mobile internet, whatever your needs are, Lebara has all for its prepaid customers. The ’Pay as you go’ plan suits everyone’s needs. This SIM card provider offers you affordable data, starting from 1 cent per MB. You can also enjoy free calling from Lebara to Lebara in the Netherlands and high-speed internet with the 4G KPN Network.
  • Simyo – This SIM card provider offers a low call rate at €0.10 per minute, data at €0.15 per MB, and SMS facility. According to De Consumentenbond this is the best prepaid SIM card provider and it gives you a reliable network from KPN.
  • KPN – You can get three types of KPN SIM cards: standard SIM card without the bundle, with internet bundle or unlimited online bundle. Whichever package you select, it automatically stops after 31 days.

Changing your prepaid SIM card provider is not a daunting task. While changing your service provider, do not cancel your existing service as, in this case, you won’t be able to port your current number. You only need to find a plan that suits your requirements and order a new SIM online, on the phone, or can even buy it from a store.

In the sign-up process, you can mention if you wish to transfer your existing number to the new connection. To do so, you only require to specify your phone number and the service provider. Once you receive the new SIM, active it, and this begins the process of transfer of number. One thing that you need to note here is that your previous service will continue until the whole transfer process is not completed.

When you are searching for the most affordable prepaid SIM card provider in the Netherlands, various things need to be considered. Speed, availability, cost and there are numerous other things that you should look upon. Lebara, Simyo, and KPN are some of the leading SIM card providers in the Netherlands that offer you the best plans at the best prices.

Compare prices and plans of different service providers, consult your friends, colleagues, and do a little research to find the ideal service for yourself.

Lebara is the best SIM card provider in the Netherlands that offers you to pay only what you use. The prepaid internet and call minutes provided by the SIM provider are ideal for the smaller user and also has 30 days plans for heavy users. You get affordable data, free Lebara to Lebara calls, and high-speed internet from Lebara.

You can also get a SIM-only plan by paying only €7,50 in a month. The MyLebara App allows you quick and easy top-ups, gives you insights to your usage, and also shows you the latest offers by the provider.