Dating & romance in the Netherlands

Experiencing Valentine’s Day in the Netherlands: A Romantic Journey

Welcome to the enchanting world of romance in the Netherlands! Whether you’re an expat who’s recently moved here with your partner or you are searching for love in this picturesque country, you’re in for a delightful journey. The Netherlands, with its idyllic canals, vibrant flower fields, and cozy, historic towns, offers a plethora of romantic experiences. This landing page is your gateway to discovering how to make the most of your love life in this unique setting. From hidden gems in bustling cities to serene escapes in the countryside, we’ve curated the best romantic experiences tailored for expats. Embrace the charm of Dutch culture and create unforgettable memories with your significant other right here in the Netherlands.

6 popular romantic spots for expats in the Netherlands

When it comes to popular romantic spots for expats in the Netherlands, there are several locations that stand out for their charm, accessibility, and the unique experiences they offer:

  • Vondelpark, Amsterdam: Ideal for a relaxed date, Vondelpark offers beautiful scenery, open-air cafes, and a laid-back atmosphere. It’s perfect for a picnic or a leisurely walk.
  • Utrecht’s Historic Center: Utrecht’s old town, with its medieval architecture and quaint canals, provides a romantic backdrop. The café terraces along the Oudegracht are great for a cozy coffee date.
  • The Hague’s Scheveningen Beach: For those who enjoy the seaside, a day at Scheveningen Beach in The Hague can be both fun and romantic. It’s great for a summer date, with plenty of beachside restaurants and bars.
  • Rotterdam Skyline: For a more urban experience, enjoying the modern skyline of Rotterdam, especially from a rooftop bar or during a harbor cruise, offers a contemporary romantic setting.
  • De Hoge Veluwe National Park: For nature-loving couples, this national park provides a serene setting for cycling or walking together amidst forests and heathlands.
  • Maastricht’s Old Town: This city’s old-world charm with its historic buildings and cobblestone streets makes it perfect for a romantic evening stroll, capped off with dinner at a cozy restaurant.

What are the best online dating platforms for expats in the Netherlands?

IdatingIf you’re already happily partnered, you can skip ahead. However, for those still on the quest for a special someone, read on for some key insights into the dating scene in the Netherlands. Navigating the world of online dating can be overwhelming, but certain platforms stand out for their effectiveness and popularity among expats. Here are three notable online dating platforms that are well-regarded in the Netherlands:

Parship: Known for its scientific approach to matchmaking, Parship is ideal for those seeking serious relationships. Upon signing up, you’ll complete a comprehensive personality test. This platform then uses a compatibility-based algorithm to suggest potential matches. What sets apart is its emphasis on deep compatibility, appealing to individuals who are looking for more than just a casual connection. Additionally, it offers a balanced experience for both locals and expats, making it easier to find someone who shares your interests and lifestyle.

EliteDating: As the name suggests, EliteDating caters to a more elite segment of the dating market. It’s targeted at educated professionals looking for meaningful relationships. Users undergo a detailed personality test, ensuring that matches are not just based on physical attraction but also on intellectual and emotional compatibility. Elitedating user-friendly interface and its focus on a more mature demographic make it a great choice for expats who are looking for a serious relationship and share a similar socio-economic background.

Be2: This platform is known for its user-friendly approach and diverse member base. BE2 offers a unique algorithm that analyzes your personality traits to find compatible matches. It’s suitable for those who are new to the dating scene or those who have had enough of casual dating. With a more straightforward approach to dating, Be2 can be a refreshing option for expats who prefer simplicity and efficiency in their search for a partner.

Each of these platforms has its unique strengths and caters to different preferences and needs. If you want more background information about dating sites pro’s and con’s, we would recommend you to have a look on our landing page about dating sites in the Netherlands. Whether you’re looking for a deep, scientifically matched connection, a professional counterpart, or a straightforward approach to finding love, these dating sites offer a starting point for expats in the Netherlands to explore the world of online dating. Remember, the key to success in online dating is to stay authentic and open to the possibilities.

What are unique date ideas for couples in the Netherlands?


  • Canal Cruise in Amsterdam: A classic yet endlessly romantic option. A twilight cruise through Amsterdam’s canals, with the city lights reflecting on the water, offers a magical experience.
  • Picnic in Keukenhof Gardens: Especially in spring, the vibrant colors of the tulip fields provide a stunning backdrop for a romantic picnic.
  • Cycling in the Hoge Veluwe National Park: Renting a bike and exploring this beautiful national park together allows for both adventure and intimate conversations amidst nature.
  • Dinner in the Dark in Amsterdam: For a unique sensory experience, try a ‘dinner in the dark‘ where you can focus on the taste, smell, and conversation without visual distractions.
  • Stargazing at the Eise Eisinga Planetarium in Franeker: This historic planetarium offers a romantic and educational experience, perfect for couples who share a fascination with the stars and the universe.
  • Stay in a Castle: The Netherlands is home to several beautiful castles. Booking a stay in one of these castles, like Kasteel de Haar near Utrecht, can transport you to a fairy-tale setting, perfect for an anniversary.
  • Wine Tasting in Limburg: For couples who enjoy fine wine, a wine tasting experience in the Limburg region, known for its vineyards, can be both delightful and romantic.
  • Spa Day in Thermae 2000: Located in Valkenburg, this spa offers relaxing treatments and thermal baths with stunning views, ideal for a day of pampering and relaxation together.
  • Cycling Tour in the Countryside: Rent bikes and take a leisurely ride through the Dutch countryside. Explore charming villages, windmills, and enjoy a picnic in a scenic spot.

Each of these ideas offers a blend of romance, cultural exploration, and the unique ambiance of the Netherlands, ideal for expat couples looking to deepen their connection and create lasting memories.

What romantic getaways are ideal for couples in the Netherlands?

Absolutely, here are a few suggestions for romantic getaways ideal for couples in the Netherlands:

  • Texel: The largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands, Texel, is perfect for couples who love nature. It offers beautiful beaches, dunes, and bird reserves. A day trip or a weekend stay here can be both rejuvenating and romantic.
  • Maastricht: Known for its medieval architecture and vibrant cultural scene, Maastricht is ideal for a romantic city break. Stroll through the historic streets, enjoy intimate cafes, and explore the art and history that the city has to offer.
  • The Veluwe: For couples who enjoy outdoor adventures, the Veluwe region offers expansive forests, heathlands, and a chance to spot wildlife. It’s great for hiking, cycling, or simply enjoying a quiet moment in nature.
  • Zaanse Schans: A visit to this open-air museum with its historic windmills, workshops, and houses feels like stepping back in time. It’s a uniquely Dutch experience that’s both educational and romantic.
  • Leiden: Known for its beautiful canals, historic buildings, and vibrant cultural scene, Leiden offers a quieter but equally romantic alternative to Amsterdam. Couples can enjoy a leisurely boat tour or explore the city’s many museums and cafes.
  • Delft: Famous for its blue pottery and stunning architecture, Delft’s quaint streets and canal-side dining provide a cozy and intimate atmosphere for couples.
  • Groningen: For a mix of vibrant city life and serene landscapes, Groningen is an excellent choice. The city’s youthful energy, coupled with the peaceful countryside and waterways nearby, offers diverse experiences for a romantic getaway.
  • Haarlem: Just a short train ride from Amsterdam, Haarlem is a hidden gem with its medieval architecture, charming boutiques, and excellent dining options. Its relaxed pace makes it perfect for couples looking to unwind.


As we wrap up this romantic voyage through the Netherlands, we hope you’re inspired to explore the myriad of options this beautiful country has to offer. Remember, every corner of the Netherlands, from the tranquil countryside to the lively urban landscapes, holds the potential for creating beautiful memories with your loved one. Our goal was to provide you with insights and ideas that resonate with your expat lifestyle while immersing you in the unique romance of Dutch culture. So, go ahead, plan your next romantic adventure, and let the picturesque backdrop of the Netherlands add a touch of magic to your love story. Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after in the land of windmills and tulips!