car sharing in the Netherlands

Car sharing in the Netherlands

When living in the Netherlands, you may have seen that many people are using car-sharing apps in the Netherlands. These vehicles serve as the solution to the overcrowded highways and the environmental damage due to the abundance of vehicles on the road.

If you are also considering the car-sharing platform, there are many things that you should keep in mind. To help you, we have made this article to inform you about car sharing in the Netherlands and how you should choose the right car-sharing platform.

What Are The Best Car Sharing In The Netherlands?

There are several shared car providers in the Netherlands. Some of these companies are active throughout the nation, and other works separately, only primarily locally. The biggest car-sharing companies in the Netherlands are:

Many platforms are available where you can find the best cars from the companies mentioned above.

What Exactly Is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is a different car rental service in which more than two people will share one car and will use it for varying purposes. While conventional rental cars are rented and given back by following stringent parameters, structures, and rules, the role of shared cars is to provide convenience, flexibility, and accessibility.

The best car sharing in the Netherlands is gaining a lot of popularity in the big cities and the suburban areas. 

Why Choose Car Sharing?

Car sharing is more cost-effective than purchasing your car when you do not need a vehicle for day-to-day processes. After all, you will save on road tax, car insurance, maintenance, and parking permit.

Additionally, car sharing is highly sustainable since it reduces the number of cars, CO2 emissions, traffic jams, and parking pressure. Especially when you opt for an electric car, the environmental benefits are significant.

How Does Car Sharing Work?

To use the car-sharing app in the Netherlands, you must create an account. If you need a shared car, you must reserve it beforehand through the application. How early you have to make a reservation varies from provider to provider. 

Many car-sharing companies are offering different schemes, but you may consider simply lending the car on a commercial basis through car-sharing companies. These companies allow you to loan your vehicle to members in return for a fee. If you share a car through a well-established firm, the insurance price will be included in the payment you will be making. However, the rise of more informal car sharing will lead insurers to provide customized insurance to suit your needs.

How Much Does Car Sharing Cost?

The cost of car sharing in the Netherlands is based on several factors. You must consider the time of the day, duration of the trip, distance, type of car, and subscription, as well as the registration fees charged by the provider.

Some car-sharing companies provide flexible rates that are customized to the amount of demand. Moreover, you will also have to consider the minimum or initial tariffs. With some car-sharing companies, you can pay for at least half an hour; with others, you will have to pay by the minute from the start of the rental period. 

Some car-sharing companies offer the chance to rent the vehicle for longer, for instance, the whole day or weekend. The prices may differ from when you make a reservation for the car. 


These are all about car sharing in the Netherlands, which you should learn about. If you don’t want to get a car and know that you will rarely use your vehicle, in this case, the car-sharing platform is the best option for you since you will be saved from the hassles of purchasing a car.