Career coaches in the Netherlands

Expat Career Coaching in the Netherlands: Tailored Support for International Professionals

Career Coaches in the Netherlands is a service from experts that helps foreigners and expats grow in the Dutch employment market. To help people in the Netherlands get employment and flourish in their professions, we offer personalized coaching, helpful resources, and suggestions that apply to their circumstances.

We understand the unique dynamics of the Dutch job market. Our coaches are fluent in English and, ideally, Dutch for effective communication and understanding. We respect and understand Dutch work culture and focus on direct communication and work-life balance. Our experience or knowledge in your industry helps you with personalized consultation and information. Our team also understands your career goals and provides personalized guidance to help you achieve them.

We are here to support you in building your successful career, regardless of whether you wish to start something new or have any experience. To equip yourself with adequate knowledge and good resources, career success in the Netherlands is an essential aspect for you. Get in touch with us.


AnGel Coaching Int.. Are you seeking a successful career, quality time with family and friends, a healthy lifestyle, and some personal time, but finding it a struggle and feeling somewhat incomplete? Are you prepared for a change but unsure of where to begin? Consider having a conversation with Anne. She is ready to assist you in unlocking your potential. Schedule your 30-minute complimentary consultation today! Coaching is available in English, French, and Spanish.

The Talent Builder. They offer bespoke career coaching and personal development services. With a robust background in psychology, coaching, and recruitment, they understand that each individual is unique and so are their needs. Whether one is seeking to transition their career or overcome personal challenges, they are equipped to help them achieve their goals.

Introverse | A Career Design Consultancy. Methodology-based coaching is offered for introverted professionals who are eager to change careers or launch their business ideas. This service is provided by Karen Rene, the founder of Introverse. Rene is not only an ex-Big4 employee but also an ICF Career Design Coach and a SciTech Start-up Mentor.

In2Motivation. In2Motivation provides international personal development services. They specialize in offering training courses in public speaking, motivation, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Additionally, they offer individual coaching for expatriates, assisting them in their career and various life situations.

Orange Expats | Individual and Company Coaching. Elevate workplace well-being in the Netherlands! With over 18 years of experience as a Dutch academic senior career coach, company coach, confidential advisor, re-integration coach, and therapist, they offer their services to Dutch-based (inter)national individuals, from junior to C-level leaders, as well as companies. They utilize a tailored approach of highly efficient methodologies. They invite you to get in touch!

Coach2MoveOn | Career Clarity and Work-Life Harmony Coach. Utilizing a proven framework developed over 18 years, they assist; perfectionists and pleasers who are feeling exhausted, stressed, and stuck in their jobs, expats who are feeling lost, insecure, and are looking to get their careers back on track and professionals who are frustrated, bored, or unmotivated to gain clarity on their next steps. They offer a free discovery call in English, French, and Dutch.

KGT Consulting. Karen Gordon is a Certified Career Coach who provides practical Job Application Coaching!

Loopbaanadvies Pro. Career coach Sara Surachno specializes in Career Change. For those ready to discover their dream job, she is the ideal coach. She guides individuals in exploring their drives and talents, and understanding the Dutch labour market, leading them to their perfect job match. Additionally, she provides the necessary assistance to successfully secure the job. She can be contacted through her website.

Bold steps to take your career to the next level. Do you wish to make your voice heard, secure that raise and promotion, or even start your own company while overseas? Miguel, a certified career and leadership coach, has extensive experience in leading corporate teams and start-ups. His clients gain confidence, take control of their careers, and are prepared to conquer any challenges after undergoing his deeply transformative process.

Facing the Change Coaching & Advisory Services. Welcome to the Netherlands! The intercultural coaching services offered are an excellent match for expats who have recently relocated to the country, as well as for those who already reside here. The Career Coaching services provided include a proven job search strategy. With the Leadership Coaching, clients can benefit from a solid corporate background. In Life Coaching, assistance is provided to help clients navigate any major life changes they are experiencing.

Anna Kmetova Coaching. Instead of daydreaming at their desk, individuals can now realize their dream career. It’s time for them to trust their instincts and take action. Anna Kmetova is a Co-Active coach for professionals who aspire to make empowered decisions that align with their values, goals, and long-term vision. Let the journey begin!

New Destination Coaching. Are they struggling at work? Their job is no longer fulfilling, but they are uncertain about what else is out there for them, or they feel anxious to make a change. A creative and transforming process with Galina, a certified career coach and ex-corporate lawyer, can provide them with the clarity and confidence to grow professionally and thrive personally. They can book a free introductory session.

Practica Consulting. Has one been contemplating a career change but unsure of where to begin? Is one prepared to discover work that is more meaningful and enjoyable? Jaime, an American expatriate and certified coach, will assist in gaining clarity and alignment, enabling one to earn more money, enjoy more freedom, and find fulfillment.

Dr. Anastasia Moiseeva – Empowering Life & Career Coaching. Feeling the need for a radical change in their career, but unsure where to start? They can transform their career through understanding and changing their mindset, emotions, and behaviour. In-depth guidance is offered to clarify the direction they want to take in their life and career. All types of academics, professionals, and expats are welcome! They can schedule a free Discovery session!

The Talent Builder. They offer bespoke career coaching and personal development services. With a robust background in psychology, coaching, and recruitment, they understand that each individual is unique and so are their needs. Whether one is seeking to transition their career or overcome personal challenges, they are equipped to help them achieve their goals.

D&R Coaching Consulting. Dorota, the author of the book Career Jump and founder of DoSo Coaching, has assisted hundreds of clients globally in successfully altering their professional paths and/or securing new jobs. Is one prepared to make their leap? They can schedule a complimentary career strategy call today.

Sea salt Coaching. Is one attempting to establish a new, successful life abroad, but facing difficulties in making the adjustment? Adapting to a new culture, securing a new job, dealing with performance pressure, and settling one’s family can be overwhelming! Mareike, a fellow expat and passionate coach, is ready to provide support in mastering these challenges and building a successful career and life abroad.

Introverse | A Career Design Consultancy. Karen Rene, an ex-Big4 professional and the founder of Introverse, offers methodology-based coaching for introverted professionals. As an ICF Career Design Coach and SciTech Start-up Mentor, she assists those who are looking to change careers or launch their business ideas.

Natália Leal | Career and Life Coaching for Expats. Feeling trapped, lost, overwhelmed, or uncertain about the next step in their career? With over 20 years of experience across various countries and sectors, Natália Leal provides customized, individual and group coaching paths for open-minded internationals seeking clarity, confidence, and a plan to progress. A free Discovery call is available here.

Spark Back Coaching: Ignite your career success. Develop a career strategy focused on achieving goals for fulfillment and balance at work. Uncover your strengths, abilities, and areas where you excel the most. Shape your personal brand and master targeted applications in a program that yields long-term results. Revolutionize your career today!

Katie’s Leadership Consultancy. Does one dread giving feedback? Does one wish their team worked cohesively and collaboratively? Is one ready to lead a team with high levels of accountability and autonomy? This service assists leaders in developing their own unique style, grounded in the principles of relationships, rigour and results. One can schedule a discovery call to explore how these coaching services can empower them to lead with confidence and competence.

Dijk & van Emmerik: Experts in career and wellness coaching. Feeling trapped in their job search or eager to explore new career avenues? D&E is here to help. Their team of proficient Dutch and international career coaches and psychologists boast over 30 years of experience in the Dutch market and a wide-reaching network. They offer tailored services ranging from career coaching, job search assistance, emotional support, to intercultural coaching and beyond. Schedule a complimentary introductory call today!

Rewired | Align your career path with your personal vision. Feeling undervalued at work or lost in their career? As an internationally accredited Coach with a background in Psychology and a PhD in biology research, they offer a collaborative, compassionate, and evidence-based approach to help individuals uncover a career path that aligns with their values and priorities. This enables them to achieve their idea of self-realization. Read more.

WRA Consults. Introducing Wayne, a coach certified by EMCC Global with over two decades of experience in leadership development. He has collaborated with industry titans such as Rolls-Royce and AstraZeneca. Wayne currently leads WRA Consults, offering coaching for leaders and innovative learning and development solutions. One can rely on his firm for a transformative leadership journey, supported by years of expertise and a commitment to excellence.