electricity and gas providers in the Netherlands

Electricity and gas providers in the Netherlands explained

If you see your electricity prices rising and you are still consuming the same amount of energy, then it is time for you to opt for different electricity providers in the Netherlands. Choosing a new electricity provider is the best way to ensure you get reasonable and more robust electricity in the Netherlands. However, with the constantly changing nature of the electricity market, it can be difficult to predict whether choosing a new one or sticking to the tariff will be better for cost savings in the long term. This is why to help you out, we have made this article to tell you all about electricity in the Netherlands and how you can compare the best electricity provider in the Netherlands. You can find a comparison table below, or you can go to independer.nl, which is an independent comparison platform.

If you want to compare the energy suppliers because you want to choose someone who provides cost-effective services, then it is best to understand more about what you should look for and how you can benefit from the services offered. Read the following to learn more:

Payment and contract

Different electricity and gas providers in the Netherlands provide payment prices and plans. It is your choice to choose the best plan and payment method that’ll be convenient for you.

You should also consider the discount, rebate, or lower rates you can get by selecting a payment plan. The yearly rate is then divided to provide customers with a fixed monthly rate. It can benefit customers since they simply have to pay the fixed rate. However, it generally comes with a lock-in contract with the electricity providers for one year or more.

Rebates, discounts, and rates

You should find any promos, rebates, or discounts the electricity suppliers offer. Some companies also provide rebates if customers want to manage their accounts online or pay in advance.

With many different gas and electricity providers in Amsterdam, there are high chances of getting a discount or rebate that catches your attention. Pensioners and senior citizens will also get electricity rebates. It will be best to get savings from your reliable supplier.

Online services and customer service

Another aspect to keep in mind is customer service. With any provider you choose, customers should always expect robust customer service and assistance whenever customers are in need. You should look for a supplier offering online assistance and other details you may need to manage your electricity bills. To get more ideas, you should visit the official website of the electricity and gas providers in the Netherlands to get an idea of how their services would be signed up for and how you can get them. 

Green initiatives

In case of environmental urgency, suppliers with a good sustainable energy plan are worth noting. It is essential to switch to renewable energy for powering the household’s supply.

How long does it usually take to switch energy?

Following is the process which you should follow when switching energy suppliers:

  • Compare the energy deals by considering the points mentioned above. It will only take a few minutes, and when you are satisfied with the provider, you should confirm your switch.
  • If you want to, you can also switch electricity suppliers right away. In this case, you should switch to the new electricity provider within 5 working days. Although there may be delays in case the electricity providers need more information. You still have the right to cancel the switch within 14 days.
  • Suppose you cancel the switch within the cooling-off period, but the 5 working days have been completed. In that case, you must pay for the energy used with the temporary supplier until your supplier is moved again.
  • You can also wait for the switch to complete after the cooling-off period. In this, your switch will have to be completed in 15 days. However, the new electricity supplier may offer you the option of switching a date 28 days in advance.
  • The energy switch will ensure that your new supplier can handle the whole process, and you will be switching your supplier.

What happens after initiating the energy supplier switch?

When you initiate the switch, your new gas and electricity providers in Amsterdam will contact your previous supplier and decide on the switching date. They will then let you know about the switching date.

The new supplier will also contact you around the switching time and ask for your meter reading. They will then move this information to your old supplier to send you the final bill. 

The energy switch will occur in the background. In other words, you will face zero impact on the electricity and gas supply. You will not need any new pipes, digging, or drilling; energy will also run smoothly.

The new supplier will also take care of the admin, so you can easily relax. To provide ease of mind, the new supplier will stay in touch with you and let you know about each stage.

What options will I have if I change my mind?

If you change your mind about the switch during the 14 days, you will get several options, such as:

You can choose to go to another tariff with the new supplier. You should get in touch with the new supplier to learn more.
You can also return the to your previous supplier on the tariff to the old supplier. It is best to do this as soon as possible since the previous tariff will be only accessible for a limited time only.
Switch to a new provider. You will need to contact the provider you want to work with. 

With all these cases, the trick is to get in touch with the suppliers notifying them of the intentions and telling them what you want to do. If you cancel the switch and do not act on the abovementioned options, the new supplier will automatically move you to the standard tariff.


Choosing a new energy supplier demands a lot of patience, and you should carefully compare the tariffs offered by different providers. By considering the tips mentioned, choosing the right energy provider will be made easier for you.