Navigating Airports in the Netherlands

Navigating Airports in the Netherlands

Welcome to the Netherlands, a country renowned for its efficient transport systems and world-class airports. Whether you’re here for a short visit or making a long-term move, understanding how to navigate Dutch airports, especially Schiphol, can make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. This guide covers everything from the major airports across the country to specific details about parking, airlines, taxi services, and public transport options. When booking a flight, we would recommend using

Major Airports in the Netherlands

KLMThe Netherlands boasts several airports that serve international and domestic flights, connecting this small, yet bustling country with destinations worldwide. Here’s a brief overview of the key airports:

  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS): The gateway to the Netherlands and one of Europe’s busiest airports, Schiphol stands out for its extensive facilities, wide range of airlines, and accessibility.
  • Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM): Serving the Rotterdam and The Hague areas, this airport offers both short-haul international flights and domestic connections.
  • Eindhoven Airport (EIN): A popular hub for budget airlines, Eindhoven connects the southern part of the country with various European cities.
  • Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ): Supporting the northern regions, it provides access to a handful of European destinations.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS)

Facts and Figures:

  • Location: Just 9 km southwest of Amsterdam.
  • Opened: 1916.
  • Annual Passengers: Over 70 million (pre-pandemic figures).
  • Runways: 6.
  • Terminals: One terminal split into three departure halls.


  • Schiphol is a hub for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Transavia, Delta Air Lines, and EasyJet, among others. It offers flights to over 300 destinations worldwide, covering all continents.


  • Short-Term Parking (P1): Ideal for stays up to 48 hours, located a few minutes’ walk from the terminal.
  • Long-Term Parking (P3): Offers both open-air and garage parking, with a free shuttle bus service to the terminal every 10 minutes.
  • Valet Parking: Drop your car off at the departure hall, and the service takes care of the rest.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM)

Facts and Figures:

  • Location: 5.6 km north of Rotterdam, serving both Rotterdam and The Hague.
  • Opened: 1956.
  • Annual Passengers: Approximately 2 million.
  • Runways: 1.
  • Terminal: One terminal handling all flights.

Airlines of Rotterdam Airport:

  • Primarily served by Transavia, British Airways, and Turkish Airlines, offering routes to European destinations and seasonal leisure flights.


  • Short-Term Parking (P1 & P2): Close to the terminal, suitable for short visits or pick-ups.
  • Long-Term Parking (P3, P6, P10): More affordable options for longer stays, with P3 being the closest to the terminal.

Eindhoven Airport (EIN)

Facts and Figures:

  • Location: 7.6 km west of Eindhoven city center.
  • Opened: 1932.
  • Annual Passengers: Over 6 million.
  • Runways: 1.
  • Terminal: A single, modern terminal for all flights.

Airlines of Eindhoven airport:

  • A hub for low-cost carriers like Ryanair, Wizz Air, and Transavia. Offers direct flights to over 75 destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean.


  • Short-Term Parking (P1): Directly in front of the terminal, ideal for dropping off or picking up passengers.
  • Long-Term Parking (P3, P4, P5): Options for various budgets and distances from the terminal. P3 is closest, with P4 and P5 offering more economical rates.

Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ)

Facts and Figures:

  • Location: 10 km south of Groningen.
  • Opened: 1931.
  • Annual Passengers: Approximately 200,000.
  • Runways: 2.
  • Terminal: One terminal for all passenger services.

Airlines of Groningen Airport:

  • Serves a limited number of airlines, including Transavia and Corendon Airlines, focusing on holiday destinations in Southern Europe.


  • P1 & P2: Both are within walking distance of the terminal. P1 is directly in front of the terminal, suitable for short-term parking, while P2 offers more affordable rates for longer stays.

Airlines Operating in the Netherlands

The Dutch airports serve as bases for a variety of airlines, offering a wide spectrum of destinations:

  • Flag Carrier: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, headquartered at Schiphol, flies to numerous global destinations, embodying Dutch hospitality.
  • Budget Airlines: Carriers like Transavia, EasyJet, and Ryanair offer cost-effective options for traveling across Europe.
  • International Airlines: Major airlines, including Delta, Emirates, and Lufthansa, provide connectivity to the rest of the world.

Taxi Availability

Taxis provide a convenient way to travel from the airport to your destination. At Schiphol, you’ll find taxi stands right outside the arrivals hall. The airport ensures that only licensed taxis operate from these stands, offering safe and reliable transportation. For a more environmentally friendly option, electric taxis are also available.

Public Transport Options

The Netherlands’ public transport system is known for its reliability and extensive network, making it an excellent option for traveling to and from airports:

  • From Schiphol: The airport boasts its own train station, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, located directly beneath the airport. Trains run frequently to Amsterdam Central Station and other major cities across the country. Additionally, bus services offer direct connections to various local destinations.
  • Other Airports: Similar to Schiphol, airports like Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Groningen are well-connected by local bus services and, in some cases, trains, facilitating smooth transfers to city centers or other regions.

For expats arriving in the Netherlands, this guide aims to simplify your airport experience, from parking at Schiphol to catching a taxi or navigating the public transport system. With this information at your fingertips, you’re set to explore the Dutch landscapes and beyond with confidence and ease.