Childcare and Day care in Hoofddorp

Childcare and Day care in Hoofddorp

Hoofddorp offers exceptional childcare choices for the international community. Our selections are specifically designed to meet the needs of expats’ children, providing both excellent care and a setting that fosters understanding and cultural integration.

Child Care: Hoofddorp


Stichting Kinderopvang Haarlemmermeer The journey of early education begins at the SKH-childcenters located in Hoofddorp, in close proximity to Airport Schiphol and Amsterdam. Their dedicated team of pedagogical experts cater to the unique needs of each child through superior daycare, preschool, and after-school care services. They maintain a close collaboration with both Dutch and international primary schools in Hoofddorp.

Kinderopvang Haarlemmermeer

Kindergarden At Kindergarden, they understand the significant impact a child’s environment can have on their development. This understanding is the cornerstone of their approach, ensuring every aspect of their operation is thoughtfully designed to positively influence your child. They would be thrilled to share more about their unique approach at any of their locations.