Childcare and Day care in Leiden

Childcare and Day care in Leiden

Discover Leiden’s premier daycare offerings for expat families. Our meticulously selected centers ensure outstanding childcare in an environment that not only respects but celebrates cultural diversity, facilitating a smooth transition for your family.

Child Care: Leiden


Partou Since its establishment in 1984, Partou has been synonymous with professional, secure, and inclusive childcare that aids in the growth and development of children. It holds the distinction of being the most extensive childcare organization in the Netherlands. With more than 20 locations in Almere, Partou provides daycare services for children between the ages of 0-4 and after-school care for children aged 4-13.


Kindergarden At Kindergarden, they understand the significant impact a child’s environment can have on their development. This understanding is the cornerstone of their approach, ensuring every aspect of their operation is thoughtfully designed to positively influence your child. They would be thrilled to share more about their unique approach at any of their locations.