Civil law notaries & Notary offices in the Netherlands

Civil law notaries & Notary offices in the Netherlands

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Civil law notaries & Notary offices in the Netherlands


Westport Notarissen. Westport Notarissen stands as the leading pioneer in civil law notary services in the Netherlands. Boasting a team of 100 dedicated professionals, they strive to create a welcoming environment for their clients. Their expertise spans across real estate, corporate law, estate and tax planning, and family law. Whether you’re looking to establish a limited company, purchase a property, or tie the knot, Westport Notarissen invites you to reach out to them.

Westport Notarissen

Van Buttingha Wichers notarissen. VBW Notaries is recognized as the most substantial independent civil law notary firm in The Hague. They provide expert services tailored for expatriates. These services include assistance with drafting prenuptial or cohabitation agreements, creating wills, establishing a limited company, buying a property, or securing a mortgage loan. They boast a wealth of knowledge and proficiency, which they utilize to serve their clients in the most productive and beneficial way. Discover more about their services!

Van Buttingha Wichers notarissen

Buma Algera Notariaat. An office of notaries, perfectly staffed with the right individuals. The establishment’s founders, Bert Buma and Sjoerd Algera, along with their dedicated team, boast years of expertise in the notarial field. They have earned a reputable name and have secured a commendable standing within the notarial market of Amsterdam. Their specialty lies in all aspects of real estate.

Buma Algera Notariaat

Olenz Notaries. In the realm of family and inheritance, feelings, monetary matters, taxes, and civil law are seamlessly intertwined. The experts at Olenz comprehend this intricate connection and assist in organizing your requirements. They possess expertise and understanding in diverse areas such as cohabitation, marriage, inheritance, and divorce law. Their broad international network enables them to collaborate with professionals from other nations to cater to the specific needs of their clients.

Olenz Notaries

Expat Notarization. The professionals at Expat-Notarization swiftly deliver the necessary notarization and authenticated copy services at a reasonable cost. They offer an online Appointment Scheduler for clients to conveniently arrange a suitable date and time. The fee is transparent and easy to understand. They also offer extra services such as coordinating an apostille and managing your registered mail to the destination country. They can be located here or directly contacted.

Expat Notarization

Atlas Notary. Atlas Notary offers exclusive online notary services to all individuals, regardless of their nationality, who need a U.S. notary. Their team of notaries, who are certified by the National Notary Association (NNA), have undergone thorough background checks and are commissioned as remote online notaries. They provide notarization for a wide range of documents, including U.S. property sales, wills, adoption papers, custody and guardianship agreements, and many more. To schedule an appointment, simply use their convenient online booking system or get in touch with them directly.

Atlas Notary