Dentists, Dental care and Orthodontists providers in Amsterdam

Dentists, Dental care and Orthodontists providers in Amsterdam

In the heart of this vibrant city, we’ve handpicked a list of the finest dentists, dental care practices, and orthodontists known for their exceptional service and expat-friendly approach. Whether you’re looking for routine care, cosmetic dentistry, or specialist orthodontic services, our selection is designed to meet the unique needs of the international community, ensuring you receive the best possible care in your new home.

Dentists: Amsterdam


Lassus tandartsen. Lassus Tandartsen operates as a multilingual dental service with three branches located in Amsterdam. Their primary focus is on preventative care, and they are dedicated to assisting their patients in achieving optimal oral health for the preservation of attractive and fully functional teeth. They offer a comprehensive range of services under one roof, encompassing general dentistry, oral hygiene, veneers, teeth whitening, implantology, root canal procedures, emergency care, and the fitting of crowns and bridges. They are available for appointments seven days a week, with extended hours into the evening.


Tandartspraktijk de liefde. A contemporary dental clinic that adopts a comprehensive method, composed of a group of general dental practitioners, biological dentists, hygienists, and experts possessing significant expertise in the field of dentistry. This practice is distinguished by its commitment to being free of metals and articaine.


Tandarts plantagemiddenlaan. Come to us for a wide range of dental services, including general dentistry and various specialties like restorative dental care, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, root canal treatments, orthodontics, and dental cleanliness.


Tandarts jordaan. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic district, Tandarts Jordaan provides top-notch dental services. Their outstanding facilities and stringent cleanliness standards, combined with a team of highly trained and seasoned professionals, ensure the highest quality of dental care. They pride themselves on their individualized attention to each client and their clear and straightforward pricing structure.


Tth van wou. Located in the ‘de Pijp’ region of Amsterdam, the dental clinic known as TTH van Wou offers a variety of specialized services. These include general and cosmetic dentistry, implant procedures, and oral hygiene treatments. In addition to these, they also house a dental technician who can assist with dentures, frames, and minor repairs. The clinic is also conveniently open for appointments on Saturdays.


Dental factory. Situated on Jan van Galenstraat, Jan van Galen Dental Practice serves as your go-to dental clinic in West Amsterdam for all standard and specialized dental procedures. Their seasoned team of dentists, dental hygienists, and specialists place a high emphasis on preventive dentistry. The clinic operates seven days a week, extending its services into the evening hours.


Tandarts huizingalaan. At the dental practice of Johan Huizingalaan, the emphasis is on the individual and their dental health. The team’s proficiency and extensive experience ensure a comfortable environment for all. The clinic offers a range of services including General Dentistry, Oral Hygiene, and Restorative and Aesthetic dentistry. They are always welcoming new patients.


Moqm. They are known as MOQM, or Mokum, an old colloquial term for Amsterdam, a nod to their cherished city. Their dental clinic is situated with a view of the Museumsquare. Their approach is somewhat unconventional. To them, you’re not merely a set of teeth, but a unique individual. Of course, you can expect the highest quality care in their inviting and cozy clinic.


De amsterdamse tandarts. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, close to Amsterdam Oost, is a quaint clinic with a dedicated team of four dentists, a dental hygienist, and a prevention assistant. This clinic, despite its size, boasts two treatment rooms and offers a comprehensive range of dental services suitable for all family members. These services include biannual check-ups, dental X-rays, teeth cleaning, and fillings. Additionally, they specialize in implants, crowns and bridges, dental prostheses, veneers, and other cosmetic procedures. Remarkably, the clinic operates seven days a week, with availability extending into the evening hours.


Apollo-ortho. Welcome to your new smile! Apollo is an expert in providing orthodontic solutions for both adults and children, including invisible braces. You can find us on Apollolaan in the southern part of Amsterdam.