Financial consultancy, advisory services, and professionals in the Netherlands

Financial consultancy, advisory services, and professionals in the Netherlands

Discover top-tier financial guidance and consultancy tailored for expatriates settling in the Netherlands with us. Transitioning to a new country brings financial intricacies, and our platform is designed to ease this journey.

Access valuable guidance on investment methods, retirement plans, taxes, and estate management from our expert team of financial specialists. They specialize in assisting expats and foreigners by dealing with their unique financial conditions and providing customized solutions for all their financial necessities.

Explore our comprehensive directory to find reputable firms and independent specialists trained to direct you through the intricacies of Dutch financial guidelines and practices. From making customized wealth management systems to upgrading your tax status, we partner with you to offer significant help to your financial future in the Netherlands.

With our experts, empower yourself to make informed financial decisions and confidently embark on your expat journey. Take the first step towards financial stability and prosperity with us as your trusted companion.

List of financial consultants in the Netherlands


Beacon Global Advisors. Beacon Global Advisors offers guidance and education to US expatriates and individuals with US connections worldwide on effective investment strategies. They also provide financial advisory services designed to assist in managing the intricacies of US portfolio management while overseas.

Beacon Global Advisors

Expat Pension Holland. As a certified consultancy firm for pensions, they offer top-notch advice for expatriates. They have the expertise to simplify intricate matters into easy-to-understand solutions. Their specialization lies in global optimization, specifically focusing on the UK and USA. Their service is comprehensive, offering guidance and managing every facet of the process to ensure optimal outcomes. They take pride in their outstanding 5-star rating on Google reviews.

Expat Pension Holland

De Boer Financial Consultants. At FVB De Boer, each team member possesses unique expertise, yet they all share a common trait – approachability and a profound comprehension of the challenges Expats face while residing overseas. Operating as a personalized boutique firm, they are equipped to cater to every need of the expat community, be it a mortgage, investment strategy, or insurance advice.

De Boer Financial Consultants

Black Swan Capital. They are a self-governing investment consultancy firm, authorized and supervised in the Netherlands. They hold the distinction of being Europe’s inaugural fully autonomous investment advisory firm, catering specifically to the unique requirements of expatriates and global professionals. They offer specialized, goal-oriented financial planning, investment guidance, and retirement advice tailored to individual needs. They, too, are expatriates.

Black Swan Capital

Noesis Capital Management. They assist American professionals and other expatriates in navigating cross-border financial planning solutions. As an independent advisor based in the US, with a registered office in the Netherlands, they provide extensive wealth management services tailored to your timetable. Their global investment strategy, coupled with their “Noesis Cares” ethos, enables them to concentrate on what matters most to you.

Noesis Capital Management