Lawyers & Legal services in the Netherlands

Lawyers & Legal services in the Netherlands

Moving to a new country can often come with legal complexities, but we ensure expats and foreign residents have access to the support they need.

Dive into our broad network of Dutch legal experts, each with considerable authority in different fields like immigration, employment, real estate, and business regulation. From visa complexities to work contracts and property transactions, our team of experts is talented at offering customized legal solutions tailored to your particular necessities.

From starting consultations to exploring legal techniques and representing you in court if important, our reliable legal experts are committed to offering you the highest level of services and support. With their significant understanding of Dutch regulation and experience helping expats, you can depend on them to guide you through legal issues confidently and clearly.

We’re committed to ensuring that expats have access to reliable legal assistance, empowering you to navigate the legal landscape of the Netherlands with ease and assurance.

Lawyers & Legal services in the Netherlands


GMW Lawyers. GMW attorneys, a pioneering legal firm based in The Hague, have been providing assistance to expatriates for more than three decades. They offer solutions in various legal areas including employment, pension, family, inheritance, real estate, tenancy, corporate, insolvency, and liability law. For more information, one can visit their information hub at

GMW Lawyers

Noordam Employment Law. Noordam Employment Law offers expert counsel and solutions in the realm of employment law, boasting a wealth of experience in guiding and aiding expatriates.

Noordam Employment Law

Everaert Advocaten. Everaert Advocaten, along with its team of fifteen legal professionals, is nationally and internationally acknowledged as a premier law firm specializing in immigration in the Netherlands.

Everaert Advocaten

Expat Management Group. When you undertake a move, they provide direction. They make the process of relocation and immigration smoother by integrating personal assistance, professional counsel, and technological advancements to ease the transition for both international teams and single individuals. They offer the robust foundation and expertise of a large organization, coupled with the adaptability and dedication of a smaller entity. Their approach is smooth, effortless, and prioritizes the human experience. They are there for you at every stage of the journey.

Expat Management Group

Mynta Law. The seasoned legal experts at Mynta Law cater to the needs of both corporations and private individuals. The firm operates a broad legal practice, with a particular emphasis on immigration law. They are proficient in multiple languages, including Dutch, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

Mynta Law

Kroes Immigration Lawyers. Recognized as the premier corporate immigration law firm in the Netherlands, they hold an exceptional standing with the Dutch Immigration Service (IND). They provide assistance with a variety of work and residence permits.

Kroes Immigration Lawyers

A van den Heuvel Advocatuur. For any legal challenges you encounter in your workplace and for help with your residency and work permit applications at the IND, you can rely on Van den Heuvel. With years of experience working for the IND, Van den Heuvel possesses firsthand knowledge of immigration procedures. Get in touch with us!

A van den Heuvel Advocatuur

Van Koutrik Advocaten. Ms. Monica Timmermans, a seasoned attorney based in Amsterdam, boasts expertise in labor and general contract law, including matters related to rental agreements. Her educational and professional journey has taken her across borders, enabling her to effortlessly engage with expatriates.

Van Koutrik Advocaten

AMS Advocaten. The attorneys at AMS have amassed extensive expertise in providing counsel and representation for both domestic and international entities and private individuals. Their areas of concentration include contract law, corporate law, employment law, insolvency law, and real estate law.

AMS Advocaten

Immigration Lawyers. Legal Crossing is a proficient and efficient agency that excels in the field of Dutch immigration law. They serve as a reliable ally to multinational corporations, large establishments, small businesses, and private individuals.

Immigration Lawyers

BSS Familierecht. They are passionate and certified family attorneys and divorce mediators, with a specialization in areas such as divorce, parental rights, relocation, child kidnapping, financial matters, and beyond. Reach out to them for a complimentary half-hour consultation.

BSS Familierecht

ScheerSanders Advocaten. Established in The Hague in 1991, ScheerSanders boasts a dedicated team of 12 legal professionals and mediators. They specialize in employment, family, and personal injury law. For further details, Irene Lansen is the appropriate contact person.

ScheerSanders Advocaten

Gelijk Advocaten Den Bosch. Gelijk Advocaten boasts expertise in the fields of immigration law and international family law. They offer professional assistance and guidance to a wide range of clients, including expats, highly skilled immigrants, startup business owners, students, self-employed individuals, and their families. Their services encompass all issues related to residing in the Netherlands.

Gelijk Advocaten Den Bosch

Shawky Advocaat & Mediator. Hannya Shawky is an exceptionally skilled attorney and mediator possessing a global perspective. Her expertise lies in family law, civil law, and mediation. Not only is she fervent about her profession, but she also exhibits practicality and adaptability, always willing to go above and beyond for her clientele. For any specific inquiries, feel free to reach out to her.

Shawky Advocaat & Mediator

Mikipedia Advocatuur. Mikipedia Advocatuur serves as your individual legal advisor and navigator, with a focus on employment law, tenancy law, and liability law, including personal injury cases. With over two decades of professional experience, they offer a complimentary initial consultation and assessment of your legal prospects. They provide cost-effective services and agree upon pricing in advance. Reach out to them at +31614691082.

Mikipedia Advocatuur

Mr. Berendsen Advocaten. They are experts in various legal fields, encompassing tenancy and employment law, as well as legislation impacting small to medium-sized enterprises. They serve as your ally for legal counsel and court proceedings in The Netherlands.

Mr. Berendsen Advocaten

Meijers Canatan Advocaten. Canatan Advocates at Meijers is a premier criminal law firm situated in the Netherlands, specifically in the bustling city of Amsterdam. The firm’s attorneys provide legal assistance to clients who are under suspicion for various crimes such as theft, violence, vice, fraud, and other white-collar offenses. Collectively, the attorneys boast over half a century of experience in the field. They are capable of representing clients in all national courts, inclusive of the Supreme Court, as well as the European Court of Human Rights.

Meijers Canatan Advocaten

Bracke Advocatuur. Situated in the Statenkwartier district of The Hague, Bracke-Advocatuur provides legal services, with a focus on assisting expatriates. Their areas of expertise include family law, employment law, and tenancy law. They offer competitive rates tailored for expats. For a complimentary 30-minute consultation, please reach out to Mr. J.T.R.J. Bracke. He has been practicing law since 2001.

Bracke Advocatuur

Elfi Lawyers. Elfi Attorneys are experts in the fields of Personal Injury Law, Employment Law, and Social Security Law. If you’ve been harmed due to an accident or criminal activity, are dealing with a work-related problem, or require assistance in obtaining social security benefits, reach out to Elfi Attorneys for professional legal support.

Elfi Lawyers

Employment Law Specialist. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam boasts over 14 years of expertise in the field of employment law. With a global perspective, they provide specialized legal assistance specifically tailored for expatriates. What distinguishes Arbeidsrecht Amsterdam from others is their exceptional personal approach, offered at an affordable price. They are proficient in multiple languages, including Dutch, English, and Greek.

Employment Law Specialist

SILK Advocaten & Mediators. The legal professionals at SILK are experts in the fields of family and inheritance law. They are experienced in offering legal counsel to expatriates in the Netherlands on matters related to divorce and separation, child care agreements, alimony, and international inheritance complications. Their headquarters are located in Amsterdam.

SILK Advocaten & Mediators

Agayev Immigration Law Firm.Situated in Rotterdam, the Agayev Immigration Law Firm specializes solely in immigration law. With over a decade of experience in this legal field, they are well-equipped to assist clients both within the country and abroad. Their multilingual proficiency further enhances their ability to serve a diverse clientele. The firm’s attorneys are recognized for their pragmatic and strategic methods.

Agayev Immigration Law Firm

Legal-Expat.Legal-Expat provides cost-effective, readily available legal support for all expatriates residing in the Netherlands. They offer clear, fixed pricing that is significantly lower than standard rates. Their areas of expertise include rental and tenancy legislation, business contracts, and consumer protection laws. Interested in learning how Legal-Expat can assist you? Get in touch with them to discover more!

AZ Legal

Harvey Bloom.The legal professionals and divorce mediators at HarveyBloom Law Firm are experts in the field of international family law. They are equipped to provide assistance with a range of family law matters, including divorce, parental rights, parenting arrangements, division of assets, child support, alimony, and child custody. HarveyBloom Law Firm is based in The Hague. For further details, please reach out to them.

Harvey Bloom

Advocatenkantoor Demirtas.The legal team at Demirtas Law Firm are experts in the field of immigration law. For more than two decades, Demirtas Law Firm has been providing assistance to clients both within the Netherlands and internationally. Their vast knowledge and experience make them an ideal choice for handling all your application needs and inquiries. Feel free to reach out to them, without any commitment, either by phone at 026-3544310 or via email.

Advocatenkantoor Demirtas

Expatlaw Dutch Visas.Expatlaw Dutch Visas is a legal firm in the Netherlands that specializes in serving American clients. For more than two decades, Christian Barth, a U.S. immigration lawyer, has assisted numerous Americans in establishing their lives in the Netherlands. Whether they are joining their partners, seeking employment as highly skilled workers, or setting up their own businesses under the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT), Barth has been their reliable guide. Reach out to us today for a complimentary consultation via phone/WhatsApp at +31 65 527 6203 or through email.

Expatlaw Dutch Visas

Dismissal Specialist.Are you on the verge of being let go? Or has your employer proposed a termination? If this is the case, get in touch with our termination experts immediately. Our legal team is highly skilled in handling termination cases and strives to secure the best possible outcome for employees, such as a favorable termination agreement with a generous severance package. With over a quarter-century of experience, we offer a complimentary initial consultation. Reach out to us via phone or email.

Dismissal Specialist