Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands

Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands

Our experts help you connect with experienced personal life coaches and advisors who specialize in helping people like you with different aspects of self-improvement and integrate into Dutch society. Whether you’re exploring social differences, looking for career opportunities, or simply hoping to upgrade your well-being, our team is committed to giving custom-made counsel and valuable solutions.

Join our community as we start this journey together, empowering you to grow in your new environment and make the most of your experience in the Netherlands. Welcome to a supportive space where your needs and aspirations are our top priority. Let’s navigate this adventure with confidence and excitement, ensuring a smooth transition and a fulfilling life abroad!

Personal & Life coaches and consultants in the Netherlands


Anna Kmetova Coaching. Experience the life you desire, not the one you believe you’re supposed to live. Anna Kmetova is a Co-Active coach dedicated to helping individuals gain the clarity and assurance needed to make significant choices. Reconstruct your life with a pragmatic strategy that applauds your independence. It’s time to begin!

Anna Kmetova Coaching.

Dr. Anastasia Moiseeva – Empowering Life & Career Coaching. Are you sensing a need for a significant shift in your life, but uncertain about the starting point? Experience a life transformation by comprehending and altering your mindset, emotions, and actions. They provide comprehensive guidance to help you determine the path you wish to take in life and how to handle burnout. They welcome individuals from all academic backgrounds, professionals, and expatriates! Book your complimentary Discovery session now!

Dr. Anastasia Moiseeva – Empowering Life & Career Coaching.

New Destination Coaching. Relocating to a foreign land can often lead to unforeseen transformations in our existence and self-perception. Certified mentor Galina provides guidance to expatriates in managing these alterations and recreating their identities to establish a fulfilling life. Contact her for a complimentary initial consultation.

New Destination Coaching.

Natália Leal | Life and Career Coaching for Expats. Do you feel trapped, confused, swamped, or uncertain about your next move? Natália Leal, with approximately two decades of experience spanning various countries and industries, provides customized coaching programs for receptive international clients. She utilizes a blend of techniques from career planning, positive psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and neurosciences to create coaching experiences that are uniquely suited to your needs. Contact her for a complimentary introductory call.

Natália Leal | Life and Career Coaching for Expats.

Coaching with Alex – From Striving to Thriving. Does your existence seem perfect in theory, yet you constantly feel unfulfilled deep within? They will guide you on how to transition from a state of confusion, stagnation, and perpetual survival to a state of flourishing, vitality, and enthusiasm for life… View their video.

Coaching with Alex – From Striving to Thriving.

Jenkins Health Coaching. As a certified Neuro Change Practitioner and Wellness & Stress Coach, they assist in enhancing life-balance, wellbeing, and performance. They adopt a comprehensive perspective and utilize proven neuroscience methodologies to foster enduring transformation in your life. Book a complimentary consultation.

Jenkins Health Coaching.

Hero’s Journey Spiritual Coaching. Experience a significant change with their professional advice and mentoring. They offer private meetings, transformative psychedelic trips, workshops, and retreats that are designed to enhance your emotional connection and cultivate profound relationships. They also provide specialized services for couples and relational work. Discover your genuine capabilities today!

Hero’s Journey Spiritual Coaching.

Akimi | Self-Leadership Coach | English/French. Do you frequently question ‘what’s next?’ Do you sense that you’ve been coasting through life and yearn for a fresh spark? It’s time to fine-tune and enhance your existing lifestyle with practical and straightforward steps. Let’s start with a complimentary casual conversation over coffee.

Akimi | Self-Leadership Coach | English/French.

Amanda Maxime Coaching. Is your life mostly organized, yet there’s something that’s not quite right? Are there habits you’re struggling to break? This service assists high-performing expatriates in achieving the same level of success in their personal lives as they have in their professional lives. Schedule a complimentary consultation for one-on-one coaching in The Hague or Amsterdam, or tune into the podcast, This Expat Life.

Amanda Maxime Coaching.

LaMatu Holistic Life Coaching. Monika, a certified coach, accomplished NLP practitioner, and yoga instructor, utilizes a comprehensive approach in her work, integrating various methodologies. Her objective is to inspire and empower every individual she coaches, enabling them to design and live a life that is in harmony with their ultimate purpose. You can connect with Monika either online or face-to-face. Schedule a complimentary introductory call online.

LaMatu Holistic Life Coaching.

Mindset Coaching & Rapid Transformational Therapy®. Do you find yourself hindered by internal detractors, self-doubt, and delay tactics? Renee provides a unique combination of Mindset Coaching and Rapid Transformational Therapy®, grounded in the principles of neuroscience. She assists in harnessing the power of your subconscious mind to eliminate mental and emotional obstacles, enabling you to achieve your maximum potential. Schedule a complimentary consultation today.

Mindset Coaching & Rapid Transformational Therapy®.

Coaching with energy, curiosity & empathy. As a globally recognized coach and an expat, they have a proven history of assisting individuals in the following ways: › Evaluating and re-establishing emotional and cognitive patterns. Encouraging the discovery and utilization of inherent strengths and growth. Outlining future directions and fostering a more positive influence. If you’re intrigued by the idea of executive coaching and mentoring in a secure yet stimulating setting, it’s time to begin!

Coaching with energy, curiosity & empathy.

The Parental Coach | Parent coaching for expats. Navigating the complexities of daily life as a competent parent is one of the most significant hurdles. The difficulties multiply when you’re an expatriate with a family, transitioning to a new country, and interacting with unfamiliar cultures. Through their parental guidance services, they can assist you in helping your children establish their new home in a foreign land. This will enable you to foster stronger bonds and derive more pleasure within your family unit.

The Parental Coach | Parent coaching for expats.

Crossroad Options | Coaching in Nature. Do you feel like something is lacking in your life as an expatriate? This individual is a certified life and career coach who has spent half of their professional life living abroad. They specialize in assisting foreigners in the Netherlands who are experiencing stress and discomfort in their personal or professional lives. They offer coaching in a serene outdoor environment, where they guide you in reconnecting with what is truly important to you. Book a complimentary introductory session today.

Crossroad Options | Coaching in Nature.

Rewired | Scientific Coaching for sustainable joy and growth. Should you find yourself feeling lost, stagnant, or unsteady, don’t hesitate to seek help. This individual is a globally recognized Coach, a graduate in Psychology, and holds a PhD in biological research. They provide a cooperative, empathetic, and scientifically grounded method to assist you in recognizing and restructuring self-imposed restrictions. This will empower you to construct the life that currently seems unattainable with confidence. Discover more.

Rewired | Scientific Coaching for sustainable joy and growth.

Klaarte & Partners | Multilingual Wellbeing Coaching for Entrepreneurs. Delve into our innovative website experience, designed to stimulate individual development via customised coaching. We harmoniously merge conventional methods with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Transactional Analysis (TA), unearthing ambitions and strengthening leadership skills. Uncover our Comprehensive Coaching Scheme for Entrepreneurs, available in English, Dutch, French, and Arabic. This is your bespoke guide to triumph, fostering expansion and bolstering business savvy for entrepreneurial victory.

Klaarte & Partners | Multilingual Wellbeing Coaching for Entrepreneurs.

Another View. Reach out to us today and explore Another View, trailblazers in the field of Academic Resilience Coaching. Their objective is to equip students with crucial abilities such as time-management, study strategies, handling exam stress, overcoming self-doubt, setting goals, and fostering motivation, all aimed at guaranteeing a triumphant and self-assured educational journey.

Another View.

Talk to Sri – Life Coaching for Internationals. Sri’s guidance is beneficial for internationals, such as students, young professionals who are not native to the Netherlands, expats, and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds who aspire to lead a more satisfying and joyful life in the Netherlands. Being an expat, Sri has experienced the challenges you might be facing and comprehends them deeply. Therefore, if you’re in search of a mentor who can assist you in achieving your life objectives, feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation, with absolutely no obligations!

Talk to Sri – Life Coaching for Internationals.

Birth Coach and Birth Doula: Meraki Mad. Having difficulty managing your pregnancy as a foreigner in the Netherlands? There’s a certified doula in South Holland prepared to assist you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth journey. This includes personalized prenatal birth preparation sessions and providing support for you and your partner during labor and delivery. It’s time to start a conversation.

Birth Coach and Birth Doula: Meraki Mad.