Food delivery in the Netherlands

Food delivery the Netherlands

Moving to the wonderful country of the Netherlands offers a whole new world to explore. This is especially true if you are an ex-pat, moving to the country for the very first time. This is also when you ought to discover the best of the country, its culture, history, food and more. To sort your hunger pangs, here we are introducing you to the best food delivery services.

Getting your favorite meal delivered is definitely a treat to explore. It gets easier with you knowing the right sources. Let us explore a few of them here.

Thuisbezorgd – restaurant home delivery service

Great and convenient app. You can enter your location, choose your restaurant and food and you can easily pay and get your food delivered. Thuisbezorgd is the Netherlands’ largest restaurant home delivery service, Thuisbezorgd, which works great and is used by a lot of expats. The app is not super smooth, but the prices are good and the delivery fast.

Flink – groceries delivery service

Relatively new player on the market when you want groceries delivered to your front door. Currently, only works in the larger cities in the Netherlands. Feel free to download the app and see if it works for you.

HelloFresh – meal kit home delivery service

HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery program that can be a great option for expats looking for an easy way to cook fresh, home-cooked meals. With a range of meal options available, including vegetarian and family-friendly meals, HelloFresh takes the hassle out of meal planning and grocery shopping. Plus, with flexible delivery options and straightforward recipes, Hellofresh can help simplify mealtime and make cooking at home more enjoyable.

Marley Spoon – mealbox delivery service

Mealbox delivery company that offers a great alternative to Hellofresh. They offer fresh and local products. You can select your meal box, choose from 30 recipes per week en they offer flexible home delivery .

Offering a user-friendly and clean app, there are multiple filters to explore. It offers six distinct cuisine options to opt from, sushi, pizza, burgers, and the like. Additionally, you can also add your dietary preferences to customize the order as per your need.

UberEats – restaurant home delivery service

Although a relatively new option in the market, however, it is already winning the hearts of all. It hosts restaurants that are slightly more expensive restaurants than the ones available in the former app. However, with a great tracking system, you can witness your food delivery process like never before.

Moreover, it also offers a crystal clear design and easy navigation for you to browse through. It is also efficient enough to figure out the dietary preferences while suggesting the new restaurants that you must check out. Hence, it is thus a great app for discovering new food in the surrounding area.

De Krat – mealbox delivery service

Unlike the former apps, De Krat offers local seasonal ingredients delivered to your doorstep. Alongside, it also brings with the recipes to cook them. You can get all of this without having the requirement to step outside. The food boxes can be ordered as a one-off, or you can also get a subscription. The pricing of each crate starts at 35 Euros, and it comes with ingredients and recipes to make three meals.

Marleen Kookt – mealbox delivery service

Marleen Kookt is here to get you healthy and fresh family meals. The means are delivered to your doorstep completely prepared; however, they ought to be cold. She sends instructions on warming them up and hence is no big hassle. The order at Marleen Kookt needs to be placed before 11 am; however you can also pre-order.


Now that you have decided to move to the Netherlands, you might as well try out the best food delivery options to explore local cuisines and more. Get your hunger pangs sorted with fresh and healthy meals from deliveries across the town.