International Money Transfer services from the Netherlands

International money transfer from the Netherlands explained

Have you recently moved to the Netherlands? Congratulations! But are you ready for the next step? Well, don’t panic. We are just making sure whether you know all about this country or not, including International money transfer. As an expat or foreigner, keeping account of this kind of thing demands significance. Whether you need to buy a car or an apartment in this foreign land without money, you cannot even start thinking about these things. On the other hand, some consider borrowing capital from their family or friends instead of taking a loan. That is why you must know all about Money transfer services.

It can be quite tricky to find the right money transfer service since there are a lot of options on the market. We have selected the best options in the Netherlands based on the criteria below. You can easily sign-up for your preferred service online. We have listed below the criteria by which we have listed a top 4 of the best money transfer services in the Netherlands.

transferwise app screen
      English speaking customer service
      Low fees
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Save and secure platform
      Safeguarded with leading banks
      Audited regularly
      User-friendly platforms and applications


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 the best money transfer service
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The leading platform in international money transfers. Offers a great convienient app without an subscription. You pay a small fee on the transaction and that is it. Wise currently offers also a debit card which can come in handy when you spend money in different currencies.

      Over 10 million customers
      FCA regulated
      Great reviews on trustpilot
      Great app
      Safeguarded with leading banks
Visit Wise (
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Large platform used by different businesses – offers great APIs to 300+ companies worldwide

      Business focussed
      English platform
      Great rating on Trustpilot.
      No hidden fees
      ✘  UX can be difficult to understand
western union Logo


Great platform which also offers an app. The commission structure can be a bit harder to understand since they take location, method of payment and the currency exchange rate into considation.

      English version of the platform
      Encrypted transfers
      Good reviews in the app and play store
      ✘  High fees
      ✘  Difficult fee system
ace logo


Ace money transfers allows encrypted transfers from your mobile – they offer an app with worldwide reach – however the UX of the app can be difficult to understand at first.

      Low fees
      Encrypted transfers
      Wordlwide reach
      ✘  App is hard to work with
      ✘  UX can be difficult to understand

How is online cash transfer different from conventional currency transfers?

In this case, we can point out several differences between these two types of money transfer methods.
Firstly, you have to visit the bank with appropriate documentation and may have to face lots of contradictions sometimes. But when you opt for an online transaction, you do not have to go out. You can transfer money wherever you want with an internet connection and one single tap.

Secondly, almost all banks tend to charge lots of additional fees as transfer charges from the public. This charge relies on your location, currency, recipient’s location, amount, etc. But with a reliable online app, you do not get charged this much. Some apps may charge a little transaction fee, where others do not charge a single penny.

Last but not least, the conventional method takes lots of time, unlike the online one. You might have to wait for several weeks, even more than a month sometimes with bank transactions. However, with an app, you can exchange currency instantly or within two to four working days.

How is online cash transfer different from conventional currency transfers?

It is completely over you. If you are accustomed to using bank accounts, go with it. But there are several other transferring agencies. Therefore, before finalizing anything, make sure to understand your requirements. If it is urgent, send the cash using apps that allow quick money transfers.

Firstly, international money transfer is a safe and secure procedure in which a certain amount of cash gets transferred from one region to another. This can be done using traditional bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. But in this era, you can find several online applications that can make your money transferring procedure way easier and extra charge-free.

Firstly, download an app from the play store. Select the app only after reading all the reviews if you don’t want to get cheated. Now, sign in to the app, select the amount you want to pay. Now, fill the space with the recipient’s account details. Verify your identity. Finally, press the pay or send button. In this way, you can transfer capital from your bank account to anybody and anywhere following these few steps.

Well, it depends on few things. Your location, the amount of cash you want to send, the value of the currency, and other important things decide the time the entire cycle is going to take.If you are delivering money using a bank account, it might take few weeks. But some capital transfer firms in the market can transport money instantly. Furthermore, with the help of some online apps, you can send money to an entirely distinct region within two days.

In a word, it is completely safe from head to bottom. People are using this method for transmitting money from a country to another for several years. But you must be careful and have detailed knowledge about the relevant topic. Until you are using a fully proved and authorized network, it is 100% safe.