Kpn vs Ziggo

Kpn vs Ziggo

If you’ve just landed in the Netherlands or are planning to make the move soon, ensuring a smooth transition includes getting your telecom game on point. Ziggo and KPN are the big players in this field, and we’ve got your back with a straightforward breakdown.

Four reasons why you should choose KPN

KPN service provider

1. The customer service experience
KPN offers far more options to reach out to the customer services department than most other internet service providers. Customers have an opportunity to reach KPN’s customer service via chat. Individuals can also post a question on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and the concerns are addressed at the earliest. Another option is to reach the KPN forum with questions.

Via telephone, the KPN customer service is available 24/7. Customers have the liberty to reach out to KPN (XL) stores. According to The Consumer’s Association, KPN’s customer service scores of 7.8.

2. KPN’s internet connection’s reliability
The KPN-owned ADSL nationwide networks allow its internet access to every household. The company’s investment in the wired network is seamless to be able to provide VDSL speeds by nearly 200 Mb/s. And with the introduction of super vectoring in mid-2018, KPS offers a speed of up to 400 Mb/s.

Along with DSL, KPN offers superfast fiber optic internet with up to 500 Mb/s, albeit Regge fibre, a 3rd party, set up the fibre optic connection.
Despite the occasional disruptions, KPN scores high on its internet connection dependability. KPN’s fiber optic and ADSL internet scored 8.2 and 7.9, respectively, as rated by the Consumer’s Association.

3. Affordability
KPN ranks an average position as far as the costs are concerned. This is in terms of the price and offer. KPN excels in its quality and quantity with price ratio. Many customers also maintain the KPN network, making the network’s price slightly higher.

4. Additional services

KPN is known to provide a heap of additional services of all network providers. KPN Veilig is a free internet security package the provider offers to its customers to secure the users’ computers and smartphones. KPN Veilig is also auto-updated.

Every internet subscriber gets free Wi-Fi hotspots, which allows them to get internet access at a few million places in the Netherlands and 20 million places globally.
KPN mobile subscribers can use ‘KPN Compleet’ and combine the fibre optic or ADSL internet subscription with their mobile subscription for attaining additional benefits like extra invoice discount and double data and minutes.

With KPN’s unique everything in one package, one can skip the traditional telephony. This shows the thoughtfulness of the brand as not everyone finds the conventional all-in-one package to be useful.

The three steps of choosing KPN’s ‘Everything in one’ is; (1) Choose between ‘Internet’ or ‘Internet & 4K TV’, (2) Choose fixed calling or Wi-Fi amplification, and (3) Choose additional entertainment services.

KPN in one overview

Pro’s /Con’s


Kpn provider


Best rated by the dutch consumer association (de Consumentenbond). KPN offers fast t in a variety of packages – Lot of brick and mortar stores in the Netherlands – KPN does not ask any activation costs.

      Reliable (own) network
      Customer service day and night
      No connection costs
      Fast delivery
      Yearly and monthly connection available
      ✘  Website hard to comprehend for English speaking customers

Reasons why you should choose Ziggo

ziggo service provider

If you are someone planning to move to the Netherlands, then a faster internet connection is something you will require. Out of all the options available in the country for ex-pats, the Ziggo cable provider has the best internet connection.

What makes the company best in all aspects is that it caters to the two paramount aspects which are true quality and high-quality service. While it is true that Ziggo is expensive than other providers, it on the other hand delivers a stable internet connection, which is essential for people today.

Ziggo is also the only provider that provides a good television connection along with internet security. In addition to the endless list of the programs, with a Ziggo TV connection, you can easily watch programs for up to 7 days with replay.

Also if you are someone who wants a fiber optic connection for the internet, then there is no need to fret out. The Ziggo Fiber Glass internet is the best alternative to fiber optics. The incredibly fast and stable internet connection can provide speed up to 750 Mbit/sec. Other features include:

  • Fast and stable connection.
  • Free technician checks if a problem arises.
  • Many extras with the package.

In short, one can say that Ziggo offers one of the best internet packages at great value. Also, the company provides a lot of extra facilities like a combination advantage with Vodafone mobile, free Wi-Fi check, and WiFi spots, and free number porting.

Ziggo in one overview

Pro’s /Con’s


ziggo ips


Clear and adjustable contracts. High priced, but excellent service English speaking customer service – 7 days a week via phone or per live chat. Outstanding!

      High download speed
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Flexible contracts (can be adjusted monthly)
      3 convenient Internet packages (start, complete & max)
      Fast delivery & installation warranty
      No activation costs
      ✘  Relatively expensive.

FAQ about KPN vs Ziggo internet

KPN is rated as the best internet service provider in the Netherlands. One of the criteria that decide the service provider’s ranking is the highest speed its network can reach. KPN offers ADSL as well as an optic fiber connection.

Most ADSL internet service providers offer a speed only up to 100Mb/s, KPN providing a massive 200Mb/s internet speed. KPN has earned the title of ‘The fastest 5G network service in the Netherlands’. The company has also clocked the highest speed of 500Mb/s with its 4G and 5G networks.

With 1Gb/s speed download speed coupled with 500Mb/s upload speed, KPS’s fiber optic internet services is largely appreciated by users.

KPN network is a highly reliable one. The service provider is prudent in offering DSL as well as optic fiber internet connectivity options. The different options are useful for customers with additional needs.

Even mobile subscribers with KPN can get hotspots at several places in the country and outside one. KPN through its reliable network has ensured that none of its customers ever experiences any network issues. However, if you still face any, you can reach out to the customer support team.

KPN is one of the best internet services providers in the whole of the Netherlands. It is known for its excellent customer service. Customers can reach out to the executives through a multiple channels and readily contact the customer service department. Therefore, instead of relying on making calls, one can start an interaction on Facebook or Twitter and be sure to get a response in no time.