Loans in the Netherlands

How to get a loan in the Netherlands

Moving to a different country is not a simple task. It needs advanced preparation, lots of planning, and considerable knowledge about the exotic land you are moving in.

If you are looking to begin a fresh start in the Netherlands as an expat, you should keep a detailed account of Dutch loans provided by the country. As long as you are aware of the lending system of the Netherlands, you won’t face any issues while purchasing something big for yourself.

If you are an expat and want to know all about loans in the Netherlands, keep reading this article till the end.

It can be quite tricky to find the right Dutch loan provider since there are a lot of options on the market. We have selected the best loan in the Netherlands based on the criteria below. You can easily sign-up for your preferred loan provider online. We have listed below the criteria by which we have listed a top 6 of the best loan providers in the Netherlands.

loans euro
      English speaking customer service
      Personal and private loans
      Clear contracts (no hidden costs)
      Save and secure platform
      Car loans available
      Clear interest rates


Be aware that Borrowing money costs money

Pro’s /Con’s
ziggo ips


Good loan provider that offers clear terms and interest rate. Same day quotes and fast payment.

      Clear interest rates
      Easy online application process
      Reliable loan provider
      Same day quote
      Personal loans available
tmobile provider


You can borrow at a competitive rate (starts at 3.4%) – request a loan without oboligation

      Low fees
      Same day quote
      Flexible contracts
      Clear contracts
abn provider


Large Dutch bank with clear contracts and interest rates. Application can take longer.

      Customer service day and night
      Clear contract
      Fast payout
      Reliable loan provider
      English speaking customer service
tmobile provider


Great loan provider for mini-loans and fast payouts. Same day quotes available.

      Mini-loans provider
      Quick payouts
      Same day quotes
      Clear contracts
      English speaking customer service


If you don’t speak Dutch yet..

Finding a Dutch website that has an English version can be quite difficult. You can translate a Dutch page in your browser (only works with Google Chrome on desktop) by right clicking on the page – you will see a dropdown and click “Translate this page to English”. This will make it easier for you to make the right decision.

What is the necessity of loans?

Traveling and settling down to a foreign land is full of hassle. However, as an ex-pat or foreigner, if you plan to stay in the Netherlands for a few years, you must have comprehensive ideas about the Dutch lifestyle, their etiquettes, and, most importantly, their lending policy.

Several Dutch banks, financial foundations, credit brokers, and even online lenders have the authority to provide loans in the Netherlands. However, the whole lending procedure gets restricted with strict rules and regulations.

Borrowing money from some economic source is the only option when you don’t want to invest your savings into something. So let’s explore more about Dutch loans.

Personal loans

A personal loan is a sum of money borrowed by an individual for personal purposes and not for any commercial or business motives. The money gets used in buying services or products that have a limited self-life. Money borrowed for academic purposes, car purchasing, mortgage, purchasing furniture are examples of personal loans.

In the Netherlands, the whole amount of personal loan gets provided to the borrower through a single payment. As per the loan’s terms and conditions in the Netherlands, the borrower has to pay back the received amount after a specific period by monthly installment with interest.

Car loans in the Netherlands

Expats who have shifted to the Netherlands for some years need to buy a car indeed. But, a large number of ex-pats tend not to invest their hard-earned money into a new vehicle. Instead, they explore some options and finally go for a car loan in the Netherlands.

Taking car loans in the Netherlands is quite a common trend. Renowned banks of the Netherlands such as ING, ABN AMRO, several big companies, and lenders provide car loans to foreigners and ex-pats. Three years of employment history and a good credit score are required if you want to borrow money from the banks.You can set the term of a car loan in the Netherlands between 12 to 180 months as per your convenience. With a monthly expenditure of 1% to 2% of the borrowed amount, you can enjoy a massive car loan in the Netherlands for sure.

Student loans in the Netherlands

Borrowing money to continue post-secondary education has got worldwide recognition throughout the years. But, unfortunately, in the Netherlands, not a large number of banks offer student loans to international students.

If you want to pursue undergraduate and post-secondary studies in the Netherlands, you can borrow from specific institutes and online lenders. In addition, the Dutch government, the EU, and other private companies provide generous scholarships and stipends to underprivileged students who are highly ambitious.

Bank loan in the Netherlands

Borrowing money from Dutch banks as an ex-pat is not as easy as it seems. First, you have to provide your residential papers, employment proof, salary slip, and other valid documents that prove your authenticity.

Dutch banks like ING, ABN AMRO examine these papers properly and then only allow you to obtain money by maintaining all terms.

Home loan in the Netherlands

Purchasing a new residence in the Netherlands as an outsider is a little tricky until you thoroughly understand all terms and conditions of the Dutch mortgage loan. Dutch banks and private lenders deliver mortgage loans to foreigners based on some essential documentation.

First of all, you have to provide an estate authorization along with your current occupation evidence in the Netherlands. Banks having the chances of money instabilities do not allow mortgage loans to outsiders with non-EU revenue. Nevertheless, ABN AMRO accepts 90% of the non-EU amount when providing mortgage loans. Borrowers have to repay the borrowed money within the decided period with substantial interest.

FAQ about loans providers in the Netherlands

The full form of APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. As the name suggests, APR is the annual percentages rate in which you have to pay back the borrowed money to the bank.

A loan referred to a specific kind of credit, as a form of money, gets borrowed by people with a legal agreement with banks, private corporations, and other online lenders. Borrowers mustrepay the borrowed money within the contacted period, along with interest as per the durationand constraints of the particular loan.

A loan can get used for both personal and commercial purposes. For example, you can pay your debt, purchase a car, buy a home, buy a property, and do whatever you want without harming the pre-agreed contract with the lender. Additionally, you can take loans for business purposes from banks and other companies.

Well, even with a bad credit score, you can get a loan. But remember, there will be limitations if your credit score is not good enough. Additionally, banks will provide you fewer amounts and set an increased interest rate. Therefore, people with a poor credit history are qualified for loans but have to face lots of trouble.

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