Relocation checklist

Moving to the Netherlands – a relocation checklist

Moving to a completely new place is a lot. You have to take care of everything, pack all essentials, arrange the long journey, and rearrange all belongings once again after reaching here. To make your journey hassle-free, here is the ultimate relocation checklist that will surely be helpful for your move.

Do your research: The first thing comes first. If you are planning to move to the Netherlands for a while, knowing the country from closer is the number one task. So, right after you decide to move to the Dutch country, start researching the country, culture, lifestyle, etc. Additionally, if you have no job, make sure to search for a job at your early convenience. Remember, living in big cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam is quite expensive. So, select everything wisely before getting settled.

Arrange a passport and visa: No moving journey starts without a passport and a visa. So, the moment you finalize the date of moving to the Netherlands as a non-EU resident, make sure to apply for a Dutch visa at your early convenience. If you are not an EU resident, you may need a resident permit for going to the Netherlands. So, research more, apply for a Dutch visa, arrange all documentation, and begin a fresh moving journey.

Start packing: Now, it’s time to pack your belongings. For this, you can contact a moving company if you want a hassle-free move. Otherwise, you can also pack things by yourself. For packing smart, divide your packing into a few phases. For instance, start packing a month in advance of the moving day with the bigger things or the things you use the least. Then, pack your clothes and other essentials before two weeks of the final move. Finally, leave the things you use every day for the last-minute packing. In this way, your belongings will get packed soon without any hassle.

Arrange temporary accommodation: If you have not found a permanent place to live in the Netherlands yet, always go for option B. Find a temporary place where you can live at least for a few months. By doing so, you can easily unload your essentials to that place.

Decide what to do with your car: If you have a car at home, you have to decide what to do with it now. Of course, you can always move your car to the Netherlands with you if you want. All you have to do is contact a moving company, and your car will get there before you. But, if you have no plans to move the car, you can sell it. Whatever you do, please do not leave your vehicle; otherwise, the engine will get damaged.

Besides these things, you have to keep a few additional things in mind. These are:

  • Arrange all documentation and get done with all paperwork
  • Notify your family, friends, and neighbors about your moving
  • Notify your kid’s school about the moving
  • Manage your finance
  • Get cash
  • Learn the Dutch language