Compare prepaid credit card providers in the Netherlands

Prepaid credit card in the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands? Dutch people prefer doing transactions with credit cards, so getting one is a vital thing to do once you get here. Credit cards usually come in plenty of forms and shapes. One of the best options to save your money and time is the prepaid credit card. Be it paying for products in the supermarket, receiving salaries, or renting an apartment – prepaid credit card payments in the Netherlands makes it a lot easier for you. It also minimizes the risk of fraud or theft. These days prepaid credit card Netherlands companies are providing significant benefits.

Though opening a Dutch account is not a legal requirement, it’s good to have if you are permanently moving or staying long term. We have listed below the criteria by which we have listed a top 3 of the best prepaid credit card providers in the Netherlands.

prepaid simcard netherlands
      Cash withdrawal fees
      App availability
      Card acceptance
      No hidden fees
      Free budget manager (set limit)
      Secure payment


Pro’s /Con’s
#1 -The best prepaid credit card
ANB dutch prepaid card


ABN AMRO’s credit cards for expats in the Netherlands provide effortless worldwide acceptance, practical perks, and personalized assistance to support your international lifestyle. Great for expats living in the Netherlands. English website available

      English website
      Global Acceptance
      Low annual card contribution
      Low cash withdrawal costs
      Personalized Support
mastercard dutch prepaid card


Mastercard is the most used credit card in the Netherlands – accepted almost everywhere – low withdrawal costs and no hidden fees!

      Most used card in the Netherlands
      Widely accepted credit card
      Low annual card contribution
      Low cash withdrawal costs
      No hidden fees
visa credit card


Mastercard and Visacard are a lot alike – they are both widely accepted within the Netherlands the only difference is that Visacard generally charges a higher fees for some transactions.

      Most used card in the Netherlands
      Widely accepted credit card
      Low annual card contribution
      Low cash withdrawal costs
      No hidden fees
      ✘  Higher fees as mastercard
skrill Dutch prepaid credit card


Skrill offers international payment solutions – they are no direct card supplier and higher fees apply – this could be interesting if you are looking for more solutions than just a prepaid credit card

      Has a Mastercard partnership
      Offers multiple payment solutions
      Offers cheap international money transfers
      ✘  Is no card supplier
      ✘  Higher fees apply

Mastercard vs Visa card

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Advantages of prepaid credit cards

Whenever you are using a credit card, you are borrowing money. But there is a difference between a normal credit card and a prepaid credit card. A prepaid credit card is a cost-effective alternative to cash. With prepaid cards from the Netherlands, the money that you are spending is already onto your card. But when your card provider is offering credit on your prepaid credit card, it needs to adhere to the regulations of the other credit cards.

Let’s check some of the advantages of these cards that are of great help when you are not having enough cash with you.

Advantages of prepaid credit cards:

  • Pay your bills easily
  • Simple approval process (even if you have poor credit)
  • Allow you to stay within budget
  • No fee fear
  • Set limits for your kids to spend
  • Let you travel carefree and safely
  • Give a gift of money to your closed one

Owning a credit card is a handy option for paying your bills and going shopping. It is more beneficial, especially in emergencies, when you are not carrying cash with you.

If you use a regular credit card for paying, the money you spend gets deducted from your bank account every month. Banks can deduct your expenditure from your linked account, or you will receive an invoice from the credit card company.

So, switching to prepaid credit cards is a beneficial move. Not only they work worldwide but also give you additional benefits like insurance covers on it. As you get a multitude of credit card providers in the Netherlands, select the one after considering the following factors:

  • Allows you to set the spending limit, or the pre-set limit is appropriate as per your expenditures.
  • The credit card is accessible worldwide.
  • Secures your payment from thefts, damages or losses and also includes purchase insurance.
  • Gives you insights into your spending pace and limit through online or mobile apps.
  • Requesting a prepaid credit card should be easy.
  • Remember to carry valid documents like id-card or passport when you are going to apply for a prepaid credit card.

FAQ about prepaid credit cards in the Netherlands

Prepaid Mastercard is the best card in the Netherlands. Your annual contribution to the card is € 17.50. You can define your spending limit yourself with the Mastercard. Once your deposited amount on the card is used up, it is easy to top up again.

No financial assessment is done while issuing the prepaid Mastercard. Moreover, all your purchases done by the card are also secured for 180 days to keep it secure from any damage, theft, or loss.

As, you can pay worldwide with this card, so booking of holidays and tickets is also safe through this card. You also get additional travel insurance on the card. It includes – travel accident insurance, flight delay Insurance, assistance insurance, and baggage delay insurance.

You can get insights into your spending pace, transactions, account statement, and other extra offers through the ICS app.

There are more than 24 prepaid credit cards in the Netherlands. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are some of the top choices that are widely accepted in the Netherlands hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

  • Prepaid Mastercard allows you to pay your bills securely and quickly at 27 million locations across the globe. All you need to do is to deposit money in it, and it will work the same way as your regular credit card. 
  • Visa Worldcard prepaid credit card is great for travel, shopping, and gifts. It is a secure way to pay in person or online in comparison to the credit card. Your purchases are also insured for 180 days.
  • American Express – These are mainly used by major retailers that have an international client base.

Note: Both MasterCard and Visa prepaid credit cards are widely accepted not just in Europe, but also across the world. Their rates, charges, and rewards differ a lot. Thus, it’s a good idea to pick wisely.

Getting a prepaid credit card in the Netherlands is very easy. All you require is to register with your preferred credit card provider and provide the valid documents required to complete the process.

  • Register – Visit a branch or use the online portal to register yourself with the preferred branch. The online method is more convenient as it allows you to have your card delivered at your doorstep.
  • Documents required – Take a valid ID-card or passport along with you to complete the verification process. 

Since there are tons of options available (prepaid Mastercard, prepaid VISA card, prepaid Maestro card, etc.), narrowing down the list can be challenging. Make the process simple by comparing them and hunt one that aligns well with your needs.
While finding the best prepaid credit card, you can consult your peers and research a little to get the one that fits your requirements.

Things you need to look while finding the best prepaid credit card:

  • Price – Most Dutch banks charge a small amount from expats. Also, consider other fees like money transfers, borrowing costs, etc. 
  • English Speaking Services – Being a non-Dutch, going for the credit-card provider with English speaking services can be beneficial for you.
  • Services they Offer – Dutch banks offer tons of banking services like some offer to set the spending limit on own, insurance covers on the credit cards and also on your purchases for a set period, etc. Discover all and find what is best as per your requirements. 
  • Accessibility – Check out how speedier is their accessibility regarding online, walk-in branch, and mobile services. Also, check whether the card is accessible worldwide and allows you to pay quickly and easily through it.