Choosing Your Card: Visa vs. MasterCard – Which Suits You Best

Choosing Your Card: Visa vs. MasterCard – Which Suits You Best

In the world of electronic payments, the industry is basically shaped by the influence of three key players Visa, MasterCard, American Express and these companies handle a major chunk of the card payments globally. But Visa and MasterCard have unique offerings. At the same time, they share a common characteristic: neither engages regularly in extending credit or issuing cards, instead the operational model is all about collaborating with the financial institutions and other entities to establish Co-branded relationships.

Whether you’re exploring the canals or grabbing a stroopwafel, rest easy knowing that Visa Card and Mastercard are universally accepted in the Netherlands, ensuring seamless transactions throughout your Dutch adventure.

It means that every Visa or MasterCard payment available to the customers is a result of its partnership. Visa and MasterCard join forces to deliver plenty of financial products even though it is not providing any direct credit or issuing cards. This includes credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards. The collaboration ensures that you have a broad spectrum of payment tools at your disposal. Before you choose any payment portal it is very important for you to check out Visa vs MasterCard.

Basics about Visa and MasterCard

Have you ever wondered what a MasterCard or a Visa is? Well you need to know that these companies help when you use your credit debit or prepaid card to buy anything. They work like a middleman between you and your bank. You can check out MasterCard vs Visa and choose the best option for you.

The working of Visa and MasterCard

Both MasterCard and Visa generally check with your bank to see if you have enough credit for the purchase. They will decide if the transaction should go through, or it must be declined. After checking with the bank, they will tell the store that it is OK for you to make the payment. This is like giving the store a thumbs up. Finally, they ensure the money or credit goes from your bank to the store. It is most likely they will help move the payment securely and even smoothly. In simple terms MasterCard and Visa ensure your card transactions work perfectly ensuring that you can buy what you want without any issues.

MasterCard provider:

Credit card provider


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Mastercard is the most used credit card in the Netherlands – accepted almost everywhere – low withdrawal costs and no hidden fees!

Everything you need to know about Visa vs MasterCard

Even though Visa and MasterCard are completely similar, there are some differences that you must know. The main one is that they offer different extra benefits and rewards even though the bank that issues the card plays a very important role in determining the rewards.

One unique feature is the security schemes they use. MasterCard has something known as price protection full time. It means that if you buy something with your MasterCard and its price drops in just 60 days MasterCard will give you back the difference. First step Visa can also have this policy, but it is very important for you to check with their provider.

When it comes to online shopping Visa and MasterCard have their own schemes MasterCard uses the secured code while Visa has verified by Visa. These protect you from any type of online fraud.

Visa provider: ABN

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ABN Amro

ABN AMRO’s credit cards for expats in the Netherlands provide effortless worldwide acceptance, practical perks, and personalized assistance to support your international lifestyle. Great for expats living in the Netherlands. English website available

Which one should you choose?

When it comes to choosing MasterCard vs Visa, you need to focus on the specific term credit or debit card offered by the banks and building societies. The terms and benefits are likely to differ based on the card provider. You need to consider what you need in a card. The benefits and terms are basically determined by the card issuer instead of the payment network. So, you have to pay attention to what the issuer offers.

Lastly, to find the right card you need to compare the advantages and look for the one that fits your requirements and also helps you save money. It is all about finding the card that aligns with your needs instead of getting caught in the differences